We can’t change the world but we can change our small corner…

At Glenilen Farm our team are dedicated to clean simple food bringing authentic farmhouse taste from our farm to your table with honesty and transparency.

Subconsciously we were brought up this way, it was normal to practise sustainability and social responsibility .It is our mission to carry them on, to value and hold dear what’s good and right.

Like never before we are conscious of depleting resources.

We are aware we need to change and are learning how to do it.

Our diverse sustainability projects are innovative and exciting.: Solar energy production, heat recovery and rainwater harvesting are simple but effective.

We are proud of our staff and local community. Our rural heritage is precious to us and we want to protect it for our children’s children.


Fields of Life
A charity based in Uganda which provides education and well-digging initiatives.

Adara Savana
A day school for disadvantaged children in Sri Lanka.

Drimoleague ladies football team.

…as well as sponsoring a range of local charities, community groups, activities and events