We are happy to answer any questions you might have about our products.
below are a few of those most frequently asked questions, however if you have any questions at all please feel free
to get in touch via the form on the contact page.


What’s the sugar content in your yoghurts?
The sugar content in our yoghurt varies from flavour to flavour but we strive to always keep it as
low as possible. For example, our Raspberry yoghurt contains 8.7g of sugar per 100g, and our
natural yoghurt contains 3.7g per 100g. Most of the sugar is naturally occurring in the forms of
lactose in the milk, and fructose from the fruit. However, we do typically add a maximum of 5%
sugar to our fruit yoghurts to ensure a great taste.

Do you have sugar free yoghurts?
Yes, our natural range contains absolutely no added sugar. This range currently includes Natural
Live Yoghurt, Natural Live Yoghurt with Seeds, and Natural Live Yoghurt with Seeds & Fruit.

Do you have dairy free yoghurts?
All our yoghurts are made with dairy milk.
How much calcium is in your yoghurt?
Typically, our natural yoghurt contains 120mg calcium per 100g yoghurt. This means a 125g
portion of our natural yoghurt contains almost 20% of an adult’s recommended daily intake
of calcium.

Are your products gluten free?
All our yoghurts are gluten free. However, they are made in the same factory as our cheesecakes
which contain wheat, and therefore we do not specifi cally say gluten free on our packaging.

Do any of your products contain nuts?
No, our factory is a nut free area.

Are all your products pasteurised?
Every dairy product produced on the farm is pasteurised.

Are your products safe for pregnant women?
Yes, all our products are completely safe for pregnant women, as our milk is pasteurised
before use.