New Brand Image


Our re-branding is almost complete now, and with it we are bringing out some new products. There will be 2 new 500g tubs of probiotic natural yoghurt one with raspberries and another with blackberry and apple. Also our creme fraiche should be on the shelves shortly, it has a fantastic flavour.

We decided to change the name of our quark/fromage frais to ‘low fat cream cheese’, it is exactly the same product just a different name, although since we started making it in our new cheese vat, we think it has even got better as it has become thicker and developed a nicer texture.

If you are in the Drimoleague area, take time to explore the walkways that have been opened up through the local countryside. You won’t be dissapointed as the scenery is spectacular. Part of it will go through our farm, alongside the river Ilen.