Doreen, You are Not a Crackpot !

Hello there,

Just a quick note to say how wonderful your product is! I have recently begun buying your probiotic yoghurts…and I just had to write and tell you how delightful I find them. I am a photographer myself and am always drawn to the visual aspect of things. Your packaging is in a league of its own. The off white tones mixed with that wonderful duck egg blue; the shape and size of the little glass jars; the perfect usability of the lids – these all combine to make my heart sing…I reuse the little jars as candle holders, button jars etc…there is something so collectible about them…I’d buy them even if they were empty! And then there is the yoghurt itself…just the right amount of creaminess & tartness…and in fact – just the right amount portion wise too. The various fruit combinations are inspirational and taste so completely real and fresh. There is not a trace of that “manufactured” taste present in so many of your competitor’s products today.
Anyhoodle…you must think I’m some crackpot…on a sunny Sunday morning sitting down to write you about how wonderful your product is…but in fact…I think its so important to let you know…and thank you!

Best regards

Doreen Kilfeather