A Guide Book Entry We’re Proud of . . .


Glenilen Farm entry in the latest Bridgestone Irish Food Guide:

Have you seen the funky, colourful new labels on the Glenilen range?
How cool are they?  Cool as all get out!  Chic as all get out!  And to
think that we can remember back to the days when the yoghurts, creams
and cheesecakes of Glenilen Farm were brought by Valerie to the Bantry
Boy’s Club on Friday mornings in unmarked jars and tubs and containers,
when the family business was taking its first nervous steps.  You’ve
come a long way baby, and you’ve gotten better every step of the way.
Now that’s how you run a farm business, and how you create a luxury
brand: the right people; the right place; truly great products; and