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Alan’s family has been tending the same small dairy farm for generations. Resting on the banks of the River Ilen (from which we have taken our name), The Farm is in an idyllic location for dairy farming. The lush hills of Drimoleague, County Cork offer our cows a rich and plentiful supply of nutritious grass. And they in turn supply us with the rich tasty milk, which has become the core ingredient in all our delicious produce. As you can imagine, this makes our cows very important to us. We treat them kindly, allowing them to roam, keeping them warm in winter and never, ever over-milking them. After all, it all starts with our milk!In 1997 Valerie began using this milk to make homemade cheesecakes for the local country market. Her cheesecakes, made with fresh, simple ingredients, quickly gained popularity. From that small beginning Glenilen Farm began.What started as a hobby continued to grow, and in doing so transformed our small farm into a hive of activity. Soon we needed a little help keeping up with demand. Nowadays Sam and his team help us make the produce, Margaret keeps the office going while Avril and Tadhg together with Alan and Valerie look after the business end of things. Most days Alan can still be found on the farm.