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  1. Maureen Flynn

    I recently tried the small jars of live yogurt with fruits. I am very impressed. Lovely fruit flavours without the artificial taste that most yogurts have. Particularly love the rhubarb flavour. Another great Irish product. Well done.

  2. Sue Palmer

    Just found your yogurts in Canterbury for the first time – really impressed with the fresh, just-made flavour. And not too sweet like so many others. Thanks for a great breakfast!

  3. Angie

    I absolutely LOVE your yogurt. Like everyone else, who doesn’t live where your products are sold, I wish I could buy them here. I look forward to visiting Ireland just so I can eat yogurt.
    Now, if I can find a way to bring some back with me this coming Spring. Keep up the great work!

  4. Katia Georgiou

    I love yogurt, and today was the first time I purchased the The Glenilen Farm – RASPBERRY & NAURAL LIVE YOGURT – The jar was just starring at me on the shelf of the fridge in Sainsburys, could not resist. At lunch time I opened it and started to eat, tried to put it down for a minute to finish my work, a lost cause as I devoured the yogurt in minutes savouring the exquisit taste. Please thank the Cows for me… I absolutly loved it.

  5. Veronica Wald

    Some friends gave us a pot of your scrumptious clotted cream and we want MORE! Our nearest towns are Clonmel, Co Tipperary and Michelstown, Co Cork, would we find your products in these 2 towns?

  6. valerie mills

    Best yoghurt – love it. Is it possible that you could put just the yoghurt in the little jars (or a bigger pot) without the fruit ? I buy from Waitress. Many thanks for great product – best wishes

  7. Craig Baxter

    Just wanted to tell you…Wow, delicious raspberry yogurt. I liked the fact that its just yogurt, fruit and only 5% sugar! My daughter really liked the shape of the jar though would have the fruit on the top of the yoghurt!

  8. Karen Keane-Mahony

    Just wanted to say love your products. It’s great to be able to get genuine Republic of Ireland natural healthy products conveniently in supermarkets & at competitive prices. I really hope your products are around for a long time to come.

  9. Charmayne

    Just bought mango and passionfruit cheesecake from local Budgen and will definitely do so again. The creamy filling with fruit was absolutely divine and best think have ever tasted. Would love to see a better quality biscuit used the base and that would take it another level.

  10. Verica Ketko

    We visited from Kitchener, Ontario , CANADA, and discovered the best yogurt and lemon products ever – yours!!! I just wish we could find it here!!! Thank you! Verica

  11. Tom McCarthy

    I have a quick question for you,please. In some of the
    new products cornflour is mentioned as been added .
    Does the cornflour that is added contain wheat?
    I am wheat -intolerant and that is why I pose the question.I have not been well in the last few days and I am trying to eliminate all possible reasons.
    By the way I love your yogurts!

  12. Nane

    I just want to say that I am in love with your Mango & Passion Fruit Joghurt. Your products are great role models for Irish products and I hope that I will get your products in Germany too :) Keep up your good work! Best regards

  13. Cathy Kelly

    Hi, just watched your farm on Nevin Maguire progranme on rte. Where in Mayo (Castlebar) are your products for sale. Many tks

  14. Bernie Sharkey


    I just had to stop by and tell you how delicious your raspberry and natural live yoghurt jar is. We stayed at Wynyard Hall Hotel yesterday and I had the delight of your jars on our breakfast buffet this morning. As yet I cannot see a stockist near us (Sunderland), but I will be watching closely as I cannot wait to fill the fridge!

    kind regards

    Bernie Sharkey

  15. Jan Taylor

    Your lemon cheesecake was the best we have ever tasted.
    It was bought at Budgens in Bishope Waltham. Hampshire but we were told there would be no more deliveries until next Christmas.
    Can you tell us where we can find them in another store, many thanks.

  16. Ken O'Sullivan

    My wife was in Dunnes this evening and spontaneously bought one of your handmade cheesecakes. It was (gone already!) absolutely delicious. We also appreciated the trouble you went to with your customer-friendly information on the packaging. Lovely to hear its a family company. We wish you continued success in 2017. Thank you.

  17. marjorie ainscow

    We were disappointed with the lemon cheesecake bought from booths.the base was soggy.and did not taste much of lemon. there were 3 of us tried the cake,all had the same opinion. I will mention this next time I shop there.

  18. Astra Booth

    I absolutely love yoghurt because it’s versatile, creamy, filling, a lighter alternative to custard or cream and it’s delicious!

  19. Fiona

    Just had your lemon cheesecake and it’s delicious. Very hard to get a nice one. Do you make it in strawberry flavour, it would be great if you did

  20. Amy Price

    Just bought your yogurts and cheesecake from BBC Birmingham Good Food Show and loved them. Can’t wait to check my local stockist for more!

  21. roger blagdon

    having come here to live 25yrs ago from cornwall…as you can imagine i missed clotted cream (roddas from redruth)so only used to the best…but have now found yours in dublin so my life is bliss again….do you do butter????

  22. Carmel Kelleher

    I have collected loads of your yoghurt jars over the last 12 months. I now want to fill them with chilli jam and give them away for christmas presents. I need to source screw caps that will fit = could you tell me please what is the actual size of the rim? (not sure how to measure properly). Thank you Carmel

  23. Alison Womersley

    Love yoghurt with museli, porridge and add it to many recipes.
    Great health benefits, particularly after antibiotics which can upset the body

  24. Joanne Chainey

    Waitrose weekend competition:
    Yoghurts with probiotics help heal my tummy and add back good bacteria. Knowing they are not only taste creamy and yummy but are also handmade makes them all the better.

  25. Sheila Milne

    Why I love yoghurt (hoping to win a beautiful wooden recipe book stand, as advertised in Waitrose Weekend magazine): Because it’s delicious on porridge and puddings, and good for my digestive system.

  26. Jane Wathan

    Recipe Book Stand Competition entry:- Never mind that yogurt is nutrient-rich, convenient, and versatile, I just love it’s creamy yumminess. And my morning muesli would be naked without it!

  27. Christine

    Waitrose Competition
    Love yoghurt because it is a wonder food! Cures IBS, stomach acidity etc but tastes so scrummy! Also it’s nice at any time of the day (or night!) – just does you soo much good!

  28. Virginia Pope

    I love your yoghurt for it’s natural goodness and taste. I used to have one now and again for a treat. I have recently been in hospital with pneumonia, I lost my appetite and all the antibiotics upset the natural balances in my body. Your yoghurt has been an enjoyable staple diet and successful remedy . I am going to have one every day even when I am quite well, thank you.( to you and your beautiful cows)
    I would love to win a wooden recipe book stand to cheer up my kitchen and remind me I DID get better.

  29. Gillian Humphrey

    I love yoghurt – it is a truly wholesome, natural food that tastes like luxury but to me is a necessity – my whole body loves it


    I adore yoghurt as it gives me a healthy treat that makes me feel spoiled with it’s luxurious creamy texture and fruitiness so I do not turn to junk food and knowing the cows have a good life is the icing on my yoghurt cake!


    great yogs.Had breakfast at Rockliffe hall hotel nr darlington.
    Pity no nearby stockist in Shropshire.

  32. Dennis hill

    Sometimes hungry but not wanting too cook,so a couple of good yogurts fits the bill.
    Keeps me very happy and does me good at the same time! What other reason do you need.
    Dennis Hill

  33. Lucie Hinton

    I would like to enter the competition to win that beautiful wooden recipe book stand. I love yoghurt because it is smooth, delicious and healthy, good for your guts both for children and adults. However nothing beats farm yoghurts which are the proper stuff whereas often supermarket industrial yoghurt doesn’t taste nice, is full of sugar and aspartame which isn’t good for you. Nothing beats proper yoghurt!

  34. Marilyn

    Was hoping to enter the competition for your beautiful wooden recipe book stand (Waitrose Weekend 20/10/16) but can’t see the link. Will leave my comments anyway: absolutely love the versatility of your yoghurts, whether with my breakfast cereal or for use in making plain dishes much more fun! Thanks and keep up the good work!

  35. Audre

    Because Glenilem farm yougurt is the best desert for all the family. We use it as a desert not as yougurt. It’s even better when you know that it’s healthy too.

  36. Lorraine

    I love your yogurt because you turn something simple into something simply delicious!
    Recipe book stand competition/Waitrose

  37. Susan Ocock

    I love yoghurt because it is packed full of goodness, tastes good and can be mixed with lots of fruits etc to give variety

  38. Sandra Joy Anderton

    I love yogurt because i start every morning with it over my fruit and a topping of granola, its a great start to a day

  39. Leah Tonna

    Love your Strawberry natural probiotic yoghurt, totally delicious and good for me too. Thank you for a great product Gleilen Farm.

  40. Sarah McLaughlin

    I love this yoghurt, especially the Mango and passion fruit in the jar. It wakes me up in the morning with the fresh and creamy flavours that reminds me of sunny tropical places. I love the texture of silky yoghurt as it is so smooth and very refreshing and prepares me before my long day at work!

  41. Elizabeth Williams

    I love yogurt … and your Glenilen farm yogurt is absolutely delicious …. I love digging my way to the bottom to get that extra fruity part to mix in with the main. Mmmm

  42. Angela McMahon

    I love Glenilen yogurt since I tasted it in Ireland with its lovely creamy taste and choice of delicious flavours.

  43. Patricia Allan

    I love yoghurt because it is a healthy food,easy to eat,and so versatile,whether for breakfast or dinner there are such a variety of flavours that every evening we have yoghurt and fruit for dessert,and yoghurt is one of the only foods we ear every day without fail.

  44. Margaret Conaghan

    Yogurt is a refreshing food which is versatile in that it can be used in breakfast dishes, puddings and savoury dishes.

  45. Caroline Walsh

    Re Win a beautiful wooden recipe book stand (Waitrose Weekend competition dated 20 Oct 16.
    I love yoghurt because…..
    It’s nutrious, probiotic and tastes delicious. I can eat it with breakfast, lunch or dinner (or all 3 if I feel like it!). I can eat it on it’s own or use it as an ingredient, whether cooking or even as a dip or dressing. A pot of yoghurt is an extremely versatile item in my fridge and is a healthier option than mayonnaise and cream (and sometimes vast quantities of custard……)
    I love your yoghurt because it tastes like real yoghurt with no artificial additives or preservatives. I love your glass churn jars and the retro feel of tucking in to real dairy yoghurt.
    I also love, love, love rhubarb………but that’s another story.

  46. Clare Waring

    I love yoghurt as I can eat it anytime of day…as a snack or pudding.
    Onky just discovered your yoghurt but look forward to trying more yummy, fresh flavours.

  47. Russ Harris

    A complete surprise when tasting, I cam only say that having tried the rest these Glenilen farm yogurts are the best.

  48. Jolene Yule

    It think your yoghurt it’s the best I’ve tasted for a while ! Not only I’m I having them for snack but they are now a staple pudding choice for me ! It’s so hard to find a full fat yoghurt that’s tasty

  49. Mrs Judith White

    Why I love yoghurt competition – I love yoghurt cos it is so versatile, I cook and bake with it and have it au nutural ! Also I make a fab yoghurt flat bread with it …so yummy. From judi

  50. Candice

    Yoghurt is amazingly simple, full of goodness and tastes utterly scrumptious. Perfect healthy snack or mixed up with fruit and other delights

  51. Dana Scothern

    Why do I love yoghurt? Well, I didn’t used to, but trying yours has turned me into a yoghurt eating machine! Absolutely delicious! works fab with my oat bars I make too.

  52. Emily Marbach

    I fell in love with yogurt a couple of years ago. I eat it every morning for breakfast with bananas or some other kind of fruit. And it has a lot of protein so I stay full for hours.

  53. Karen Bond

    I would love to win the wooden recipe stand featured in the Waitrose Weekend magazine. I love yoghurt because it gives you a natural healthy boost at any time of the day. Delicious!

  54. Rose Janes

    I love the creamy texture. It mixes well with the fresh fruit from our garden and my grandchildren love it to.

  55. Eileen Flood

    Just read in the Waitrose Weekend Mag that I could win a Recipe Book Stand!I love your yoghurt.It’s so rich,fruity and creamy.Can’t get enough of it!

  56. Bridget mellor

    I love yogurt wholesome natural product delicious with fresh fruit creamy and fulfils my calcium needs too
    Great pud for children

  57. Marie Parton

    We love yogurt, especially Glenilen Farm, as it’s creamy and delicious. Bringing our girls up to eat well is important and to be able to offer them a yummy yogurt at breakfast, lunch, dinner or just for a snack is simplicity itself.

  58. Penny Burghart

    I love dipping my spoon into the cool yogurt and sampling the fruity based hidden from view. Luxurious but still healthy!

  59. Arina

    Your yogurts are my favorite! All taste light,natural with real fruits, not too sweet. I also tried cheesecakes and wasn’t disappointed was really hard to me to find one close to homemade and Glenilen Farm ones are delicious :) I start my day with your yogurts and recently tried natural one with seeds- very very nice! Thank you and best wishes!

  60. norma lang watson

    Bought your lemon cheesecake in our local Budgen. Could you please make sure that they continue to stock it as it was delicious.

  61. Anna Wyn Bryan

    Hi, I’ve just tried your Yoghurt with seeds & fruit.. Manna from heaven- a definite winner! I like the Yoghurt with seeds as well. They are my two favourites from your range. Keep up the good work.

  62. Trish

    I absolutely love your yogurt, mix a few spoons of it on my porridge, its the best yogurt I’ve tasted in years. I didn’t realise you had such a variety of yogurt as I’ve only seen the raspberry, strawberry and rhubarb ones, but I’ll be on the lookout for the other flavours now.

  63. Kate

    My husband and I made the trip across the pond and discovered you all in London. What a treat to try your mango and passion fruit yogurt. It is hands down the best yogurt I’ve ever tasted. I hope one day you all will find your way to the US!

  64. Noreen Walsh

    Can’t find large cheesecakes in any local Tesco or at Avoca. Advised by one manager that the fact they come packed in tens and that sales are limited means that there is wastage for the store – and so they don’t stock them any more. Very disappointed!
    Can they be frozen?

  65. Ephie

    As the granddaughter of a dairy farmer, I was brought up making my own yoghurts and cheeses, but I ran out of starter culture last week – a slight miscalculation on how many pots of homemade Nutella yoghurt my teenage son’s football team summer camp would eat…

    Fortunately, I found your natural unsweetened live yoghurt in my local supermarket, to restart my home supplies; it is now top of my list of emergency go-to products. Many thanks, and I can’t recommend highly enough!

    Incidentally, if you’d like a flavour-suggestion, I make a mean and manly red gooseberry and custard yoghurt. Too sophisticated for teenage football teams, obviously, but delicious after a summer barbecue with an icy vodka and sprig of lemon basil.

  66. Derval

    Hi all,
    May i congratulate you on the superb products you make at Glenilen. My favourite yoghurt was the plum: do you not make this any more?

  67. Jose Innecco

    I discovered your yoghurt this past Weekend in Waitrose. Let me tell youours it’s the best yoghurt I have tried for a long time. It’s amazing and my whole family love it!!!!!! We are your fans now

  68. David Harris

    Are any of your desserts gluten free. Panna Cotta or Cheesecake gluten free would be terrific. (if you get them certified and Coeliac Society of Ireland list) it’s an additional market.

  69. Breda

    Love you yogarts, Strawberry and Rasberry in glass containers, so much healthier than plastic containers. Purchase 12 every week. Brings me back to childhood when milk came in glass bottles. Watched program last nite on TV pertaining to sugar contents in foods. I was very surprised today to discover your pot of Strawberry 160g contIns 11.3g sugar = 3 teaspoons sugar. I actually thought was sugar free. Why is sugar contents so high? I always aim to purchase natural produts, I believe ” you get what you pay for” any yogarts sugar free?

  70. Jean Haigh

    Hi is it possible to e mail me the recipe for your raspberry mousse. Also are your yogurts stocked in all the Booths stores. Desperately want to find a stockist near me in Huddersfield as think your yogurts are amazing. Thanks. Jean

  71. Rosaleen Quinlan

    Great products. Not usually a cheesecake fan but love yours as well as the yoghurts. I thought the Bloom offer with cool -bag was great.

  72. caroleann lane

    are your natural yogurts probiotic please? as my system is low at the moment which are the best ones to eat?

  73. Lesley S. Pegler

    We visited the new Waitrose store in Mountsorrel on Saturday and found your Mango and Passion Fruit natural live yoghurt. Great flavour, not too sweet and full of my favourite tastes of ‘home’ (South Africa). Love the jars and are storing them to use as a project during the summer school holidays when I don’t have lessons to prepare or books to mark.

  74. Kathleen O Brien

    I believe your yogurt is in Aldi but I can only see Low Fat there in the big cartons. I usually buy your big Rhubarb and Strawberry in Supervalu. I no longer buy low fat anything. the small glass jars must be expensiive to prooduce too I would have though better environmentally.

  75. Maureen

    Just to say how much I enjoy your large pot fruit yogurt. On reading the labels, most yogurts are full of various additives. Yours being an Irish product and made with only natural ingredients is why I decided to try it. I love it’s creamy flavour and the delicious fruit, which is not too sweet. It’s now my daily treat!
    Well done and continued success with all your products.

  76. Jonathan Griffiths

    Shortage of Danone prune yoghurt ( must be an annual thing….seem to remember it happening this time last year..) led me to look at alternatives…So I tried your blueberry large pot. Delicious. On closer examination I see that your fat/ sugar content per100gm is lower than Danone. So, I guess I am converted. I usually mix it in with my porridge. Had you thought of doing a prune pot. Would be very popular with us oldies….and we don’t mind paying for what we want !!!

    1. Louise Sweetnam

      Hi Jonathan, thanks so much for your message; I will pass on your prune suggestion to our development team. Delighted that you enjoyed our blueberry yoghurt; thank you for your custom and for taking the time to get in touch. Regards, Louise

  77. Margaret Roche

    Please let me know if cottage cheese is one of your products I used buy glenilen cheese in super valu Midleton but they no longer stock it love the yoghurts

    1. Louise Sweetnam

      Hi Margaret, we still make our Glenilen Farm low fat cream cheese; if your usual stockist does not have it in stock at the minute we would recommend that you ask the dairy manager in store if they can get it in again. Thank you for your custom. Regards, Louise

  78. Tracy Healy

    hi. i would prefer to buy your natural live yoghurt but I would like to known which cultures you use. I am hoping it has lactobacillus acidophilus. why do you not give the cultures as other competitor do ie Onken.

  79. Glenda Baily

    I happened to stop in our local village shop and picked up your Lemon Cheesecake, it is the best cheesecake we have ever tasted. Husband now on look out for the summer fruits one. As an ex small dairy farmer many years ago in the 1980s I think what you are doing is amazing. Best wishes for the future.

  80. Mark Mendel

    Greetings … I just tried the new seeds and fruit yoghurt and it is delicious! While I love your others (particularly the strawberry and rhubarb), they can sometimes be pretty sweet … but then again, I don’t much fancy the plain. So the seeds and fruit is a perfect compromise! Excellent!!

  81. Marie Harris

    I suffered badly for years from IBS (irritable bowl syndrome). I am now cured due to eating your Natural Live Yoghurt. It is absolutely delicious, and I am so thrilled to be cured, Thank you so much. Also since I discovered the light yoghurt I much prefer the idea of less fat but for the past few months they are not on the shop shelves. I shop in ODriscolls Supermarket in Ballinlough and Dunnes Stores. I would be delighted if you will let me know where I can buy them. Thanks again. Marie

    1. Glenilen Post author

      HI Marie, So nice to hear from you and we are delighted to hear that our yoghurt is helping. I’m afraid we no longer produce our Light range of yoghurts but our standard range will still be available in O Driscolls and stores across the country. The original yoghurt range is not high fat so hopefully you will still be encouraged to eat them.


  82. Nina Doherty

    My husband and I just returned from our first trip to Ireland and we loved the beautiful country, the warmth of the people and also, the local food specialties. At the top of our list was the yogurt we had at our stay at the Castlemartyr. I even kept the label to look you up. It is better than anything I have had, and wish that I could get it here in New York!! Mmmmm!
    Nina D

  83. Victoria Prince

    I’m attempting to enter the competition as seen in Waitrose Weekend, hope I’m doing it correctly! My favourite recipe involving Glenilen Farm products is for Dorset Apple Cake, as follows –
    4oz Glenilen Farm butter
    3oz sugar
    2oz sultanas or raisins
    8oz self raising flour
    2 large bramley apples peeled, cored and chopped
    1 egg
    2 tbsp milk

    Sift the flour into a bowl, rub in the butter til it resembles fine breadcrumbs. Add sugar, sultanas/raisins and the apple and mix well. Lightly beat the egg and add that with the milk, mix til combined. Tip it into a lined tin (approx 7″ square) and bake at Mark 4 for about 50 minutes.

    Serve warm or cold with Glenilen Farm Clotted Cream!


    Hi, I have just finished my 1st pot of your rasberry bio yogurt, and I have to say that it’s the best fruit yogurt I’ve ever tasted!

  85. Pauline todd

    I was in Manor House hotel in Fermanagh and I tasted ur butter and I have tasted anything as nice in my life it was lovely ,and I was wondering if there was any shops in Belfast where I could buy your produce I have google and can’t find any ,so if you have any in Northern Ireland would love to know many thanks Pauline todd

  86. Eithne

    Just tried your chocolate mousse and it’s emense!

    I’m a huge fan of all of your products and so impressed with the local and natural ingredients you use. It’s so hard to get products without a long list of processed ingredients but Glenilen provides just that.

    And love the packaging!

  87. Amanda Gay

    I have been buying, making and eating yoghurt since the 1960s. Yours is the best I have ever tasted!

  88. Elena

    just had the blueberry yoghurt that I bought this morning and thought I need to comment on it! It tastes exactly like my mum would make it – and the blueberry jam tastes so natural, I have not had anything this natural for ages! Having never left a comment on anyone’s produce, I could not resist to comment on this one! Got at wait rose in Staines and will definitely back for more.

  89. robert devore

    I bought some strawberry yogurt at Tesco in Newcastle by Galway. Wonderful.
    I wish we could get it in the states. Best yogurt I have eaton

  90. Hilary Ross

    I love the raspberry with natural yoghurt and look for it everywhere I shop but very rarely find it :( Need more stockists.

  91. Charlotte Wilsher

    Stumbled across your Raspberry and Live Yoghurt tub in Waitrose – absolutely delicious! So generous with all the raspberries too and lovely packaging. Thank you! Looking forward to trying all your other flavours…

  92. Denise

    Best yogurt I have ever eaten. !rhubarb was fabulous and not too sugary.
    I am collecting the jars for spices and need more. Only able to pack 6 to take home due to space. I saw many restaurants using the jars for flowers sugar… Would love to get 6 more and buy this yogurt in the states!

  93. David burke

    Bought the passion fruit and mango jar this morning . My wife and I loved every spoonful . Keep up the wonderful work

  94. Jane Goodman

    I have just eaten one of your delicious natural live yogurts for the very first time – it tasted just like yogurt used to taste in the good old days and I shall definitely be having more of them. Love the simple packaging too. Thank you very much!

  95. Deb Hajek

    Just had a Glenilen Farm Strawberry & Natural Live Yoghurt for the first time. It was a big pot – 500g – so thought I’d probably eat about 1/3 maybe 1/2 in one go. Nope. It was absolutely lush, so I’ve ate the lot!! Thank you!

  96. Cate

    Just had a Glenilen Farm Rhubarb and natural live yoghurt, it was delicious which is why I thought I’d find your website and let you know. Purchased from Waitrose, Central Newcastle. I’ll be going back for more. Thanks

  97. Tracy Curran

    My husband and I were staying in the Interconinental in Dublin (Four Seasons) and at breakfast this morning I tried your raspberry and natural live yoghurt and OMG it was the nicest I have ever tasted, do you supply any supermarkets in the North ????

    1. glenilen

      Hi Tracy,

      Thanks so much, We supply Avoca in Belfast but we hope to available in more outlets in N. Ireland very soon,

      Thanks so much, Avril

  98. adelle stokoe

    I tried your yoghurt jars on Sunday at the lord crewe arms in Blanchland. It’s by far the nicest yoghurt I’ve ever ate! I just need to find a stockist close to me in Northumberland

  99. Kirsty Moody

    Just tried the raspberry yoghurt and I am really impressed with not only the texture and creaminess of the yoghurt but also the fresh sharpness of the raspberries – delicious! Now that I know it’s a product from Ireland, as I come from Co Antrim, I’ll be even more pleased to buy it!

  100. Lynda O'Flaherty

    Hi just wanted to say that I have just tried the Light Strawberry yoghurt and it is delicious! I am already a big fan of your products and when I suffered from a serious illness a couple of years ago the yoghurts really helped me through it, as was one of the few foods I wanted to eat. Thank you very much Glenilen for the excellent quality of your products and keep up the good work!

  101. roger burville

    Hi, I have just finished my 1st pot of your rasberry bio yogurt, and I have to say that it’s the best fruit yogurt I’ve ever tasted! Keep up the good work.
    I’m looking forward to trying some of your other products real soon

  102. G Turbett

    Raspberry yoghurt on mueslie = perfect breakfast! Love these yoghurts. Perhaps the only thing in supermarkets that doesn’t taste very artificial.


    Bought your Irish cream Liquer Cheesecake from Booths in Windermere – it was DIVINE!The best cheesecake I’ve tasted.Will definetly recommend it.

  104. Tracy Craig

    Ohhh just tasted your mango and passion fruit cheesecake and it was the most amazing desert ever. I recommend it to everyone.

  105. Tricia

    I knew Cork was a “foodie” county when I moved here, but I am astounded at the high quality food available, and Glenilen Farm is right up there at the top. You produce the best yogurt I’ve ever tasted and your lemon cheesecake was what we had today (xmas day) for pudding. Not a scrap left. Your creme fraiche is luscious, and your cream cheese, well let’s just say I should have bought more than one tub! Knowing that you’re at Mahon Point Farmer’s Market each week is a bonus! Wel done Glenilen Farm, and thank you :-)

  106. Karen

    One thing I really miss after living in Cornwall UK for so long is clotted cream, so I was delighted to find someone who makes it here in Ireland.
    Do you have a postal service, as Cork is a fair step away for me?

    1. glenilen

      Hi Karen, We don’t I’m afraid but some independant stores around the country stock it also you could try. Thanks for getting in touch. Regards,


  107. Dawn Cernak

    I wanted to send you a HUGE compliment…I was in England over the last week, staying at Wentbridge. They served your yogurt for breakfast and I must tell you that your yogurt made such a great impression on me. I actually took 2 with me for my train ride back to London then home to the States. I LOVED them and I sure wish they sold them here!!! Best yogurt I have EVER tasted!! WOW!! Thank you for that great treat!
    Dawn Cernak

  108. jeannie richardson

    help. `i just love your yoghurt and used to be able to get it at Tesco Brooklands but no longer. The nearest stockist is so far away. A new Morrisons has opened but they do not stock it. Why is it so hard to buy it in this area. Waitrose doesnt seem interested. I would be grateful for your assistance

    1. glenilen

      Hi Jeannie, I’m so sorry to hear that your can’t find it any longer in your local Tesco. Waitrose does stock our product also but again, like Tesco, it is not in every single outlet in the UK. The best recommendation is for you to ask your local store manager to stock it for you as they may bring it back into the yoghurt category if there is demand for it, I hope this helps, Kind regards, Avril

  109. Ray

    Absolutely love your natural unsweetened yoghurt, tasty, pure and nutritionally fantastic. Little disappointed you have gone down the low fat route, that’s where all the good stuff is! Think people are starting to waken up more and more to the low fat myth so hopefully that will make your products more and more popular

    1. glenilen

      Hi Ray, thanks so much for your comments. Great to hear you are such a fan. Over the years we have had a lot of requests for a low fat alternative to our original range. We developed Glenilen Farm Light as an authentic, no additive based alternative to other low fat yoghurts. We will still continue to very much focus on our core range however and delighted to hear you like it so much! Thanks again, Avril

  110. Catherine

    I first bought your yogurts some time ago, and had forgotten how good they were until I needed a good product that had the good bacteria in it after taking a course of antibiotics. My fav is rhubarb and strawberry. I always cook rhubarb too sweet but yours is just perfect. I teach Healthy Food Made Easy with the HSE and now bring around an empty carton because I am always asked what is the best yoghurt to buy and frankly I think it is yours. Thanks for such a nice product. Catherine

  111. ondine landa abramson

    I just want to say that I discovered your yogurt during the food summit at @websummithq. Your products are absolutely amazing. As an American who simply can’t get this level of quality in her yogurts back home. Simply, I’m addicted to your yogurts. I bought a few at Fallon and Byrne yesterday and am going back again before I leave. Thank you for making such amazing products!

  112. Siobhan Reidy

    I absolutely love the mango and passion fruit yoghurt and go out of my way to buy the 4 pack which is not sold at my local Tesco. But, the only bad point is the really poor packaging on the 4 pack. It’s mostly impossible to remove one yoghurt from the pack without opening and splitting some of the others.

    1. glenilen

      Hi Siobhan, Thanks for your comments. Delighted you like our yoghurt so much and also very sorry to hear about your experience with our packaging. I hope you will be glad to know we have recently just changed our pots and seals so that the pots are easily snapped into 2’s and then 1’s when needed and now a perforated seal replaces the old one. I hope that you will find our yoghurts again and will not have anymore issues with the pots. Thanks again, Avril

  113. Andrew Smith

    Hello there, I just purchased one of your Chocolate Mousse from my local Tesco and have to say it was absolutely amazing. I am on a strict diet but decided to give myself a little treat and given the 100s of products to choose from I was so glad I chose yours. Well done on creating such a beautiful product. This will now be my once a week treat!

    1. glenilen

      Thank you so much Andrew -So delighted you found us!!!Good luck with your diet and a small bit of indulgence is surely allowed from time to time! Thansk, Avril

  114. Nick and Carol Keith

    Have just purchased a Raspberry Yoghurt tub from our local Tesco – absolutely delicious and makes such a change to have refreshingly different tasting yoghurt!! We absolutely love it and will be going back to try the other varieties on the shelf. We notice Salisbury does not appear on the Tesco list, so are wondering if this is a very recent addition and will they be stocking other lines in your range? Good luck with your sales – your yoghurts are by far the best!! Thank you.

    1. glenilen

      Thank you so much – we are delighted you like our yoghurt so much! Yes it is a recent addition so we will update our stockists list. We hope they will continue to add to our range and make it more available to you. Kind regards Avril

  115. Brian

    As a regular eater of your lovely natural yogurt I just wanted to thank you for consistently producing such a wonderful product

  116. shuan

    sorry to say i got your clotted cream and it was not the real devon cream what ever you made this with is far from clotted cream we put it in the bin …take a trip to devon and see how its made before you call it clotted cream because it sure is not what your selling

  117. Tamara

    I just got back from my holiday in Ireland and I miss your yogurts already… They are the best I’ve ever had- I’m addicted! Already looking forward to my next visit in December! I need great products like yours here in Germany- really good to see that rhubarb in yogurt can actually still taste like rhubarb. ;) Thanks for your passion!!!!

  118. tommaso&cecilia

    Hello, we’re an Italian couple and… we are Glenilen addicted! Thank you for getting our Sundays (and breakfasts, breaks and so on…) sweeter!!! P.S.: at the moment Cecilia is wondering if you could create a sort of vending machine and install it in our house… It would be great!!

  119. Deirdre

    I have suffered with I B S for years with stomach cramps and bloating, your live yogurts were recommended to me to eat one per day. I can’t believe the difference. None of the above symptoms . Feel much slimmer and really love them. They have now become part of my daily diet. Keep up the tasty work.

  120. Eilís

    Your kids yogurt range is great. I want to thank you for creating as such a brilliant product. The only problem I have is keeping them hidden from my toddler. Truly well done!

  121. Helen Freeman

    Just tried your mango and passion fruit and live yogurt – So Deliciously refreshing, very yummy! Will definitely try more of your products!

  122. Charles Wilkins

    Hi Valerie, please go back to the grease-proof paper wrapping on your butter! The ‘little’ roll is far too small (in weight and ‘feel’) and the covering is hopelessly loose. The former wrapping was superb but expensive I suppose. Also, in my local Ryan’s supermarket Glanmire the product is stuck at the very end of the top shelf. No place I argue for a quality product.

    1. glenilen

      Hi Charles, Thanks for your comments. Yes the parchment paper was particularly unique and we were sad to say goodbye to it however the roll is user friendly in terms of cutting for the consumer. The foil certainly should not be loose however and we will look into this. Thank you for your feedback and for your interest. Kidn regards, Avril

  123. Marian Kelly Henry

    Tried your panna cotta,as its my favourite dessert, it was so delicious, I just couldn’t stop talking about it to everyone I met. As I enjoyed it so much I just had to send you a BIG THANK YOU. Unfortunately I only took one tub to try. I shall have to make another trip to Super Value tomorrow to get some more. Do hope they are not all gone!! Keep making delicious desserts. :):):)Marian

    1. glenilen

      HI Marian, Thank-you so much for your comments. Delighted to hear you love our Panna Cotta as much as we do! It is a big hit. Thanks again, Avril

  124. Mary Smyth

    I just had to look up your website to tell you that your panna cotta & passion fruit is just amazing – it really brings out the best of Irish dairy produce and i find myself clearing the shelves whenever I find it!!

    1. glenilen

      Hi Mary,

      Thank-you so much. Delighted to hear you like the Panna Cotta! Great to hear from you. Kind regards, Avril and all the gang here at Glenilen Farm

  125. Arhi Mith

    Your yoghuts looked lovely on a shop shelf, so I bought a Raspberry 500g one to try. Unfortunately it cracked in the bag, staining the bag and other produce. I should notice that the bag was not heavily filled at all and due care was taken to put the yoghurt at a side at the top. The container feels too thin to contain 500g of produce and so it proved.

    I tasted some that had been left in the container and it was good. I wouldn’t risk to buy another 500g container, however as long as it stays that thin.

    1. glenilen

      Hi Arhi,

      We are sorry to hear of your experience. We will contact you directly in anycase from our quality department.

      Kind regards, Avril

  126. susan wylie

    I am delighted to see that your business is doing so well and that you are so widely stocked on the uk mainland. Please, however, don’t overlook the Northern Irish market. At the moment I can only buy your products in Avoca, Belfast, although in our local Tesco (Newtonbreda) today there were 4 or 5 (only) of your delicious pannacotta on the shelves, but none of your other products. Avoca are charging £2.10 for a pot and Tesco £1.75 so obviously I would like to see a larger range at Tesco. Have you any other stockists in Belfast? or plans to increase your presence in NI?


    Susan Wylie

    1. glenilen

      HI Susan, Thanks so much for your post. Yes we plan to continue to expand our distribution to NI also and we will certainly keep you posted on our progress. Thanks so much for your interest. Kind regards, Avril

  127. Alan Tanner

    Hi, I love the taste of all of your products but we have recently stopped buying the 4 pack cartons as at least one or two cartons in each pack would end up going off as the tops become loose. No matter how careful we are in breaking off one pot one of the other tops will end up coming loose. We have just come across too many spoilt yoghurts/fermented fruit sections long before the best before date and they are too expensive to be throwing in the bin. Unfortunately my mother in law has had the same issues and has also stopped buying the 4 pack cartons.

    1. glenilen

      Hi Alan,

      Thank you for your email and I am very sorry to hear about your experience. I have passed your mail onto Louise Sweetnam who is away until Friday on holidays and who will also revert back to you on the issue you are having with our 4 packs.

      Kind regards,

  128. Fiona McAuliffe

    I love all your products, but especially your homemade lemonade. I make a point of visiting the farmers markets, as I know you guys are there. I love your cheese cakes too, especially the Summer fruits!

  129. helen logan

    Bought the Panna Cotta coconut and passion fruit flavour and it was really delicious. Have tried other makes of Panna Cotta. This is simply the best.

  130. Alyson starling

    Hi, since moving here I have discovered your yogurts and I can honestly say I love them! Especially the raspberry ones! I’m not a yogurt fan normally but now I have one of yours every night! Can’t wait to try your other products!

  131. Mohammad

    I never eat yoghurts but now that im on a diet to get lean for a show, i needed a quick fix during my lunch. I popped into tesco expecting to purchase something heavy and packed with all sorts but walking past the chilled isle the Mango & Passion Fruit pot caught my eye. So i decided to go for it. It is without a doubt the best yoghurt i have tasted in a long time. It tastes refreshing, it makes you feel full and best of all its a great quick fix for someone who needs to keep the fat intake down. The design is great and the choice to have the fruit and yoghurt seperate really makes it stand out. Well done!

  132. P Leavy

    As an Irishman in Britain it is great to see your yogurt in my local Tesco (and selling very well!). Any plans for some low fat versions? All the best

    1. glenilen

      Hi Paul,

      Thanks for the comment, getting there on the low fat and you will hopefully see it by the end of the year

      Kind Regards
      Julie Ann
      Glenilen Farm

  133. Jean McKean

    Thank yo for making us so welcome at your farm. We enjoyed meeting you all and your children were so good with our grandchildren. While down in West Cork we brought some of your products back with us, they are really nice and do taste so natural. We wish you every BLessing on all you do in the future.
    Mervyn and Jean McKean.

  134. Ellen Conry

    I have always loved your yogurts and was delighted to see the new individual plastic pots on Supervalu shelves. There is a small problem no matter how careful I am separating the pots I nearly always break it off in such away that one pot will be always be opened a slight bit. I love to have your yogurt each day at work. Maybe it’s just me who has the problem. Doesn’t stop me from buying them as they are the best tasting yogurts. Keep up the good work.

    1. glenilen

      Hi Ellen,

      Thanks for buying our range and for the feedback it’s great to get it, our quality team will be in touch with you to follow up.

      Kind Regards

      Julie Ann
      Glenilen Farm

    2. glenilen

      Hi Ellen,

      Very sorry to hear this and thank you for your support, we are trying to e mail you to follow up but it seems to be bouncing back, would you mind e mailing so we can get in touch with you,

      Many Thanks

      Julie Ann
      Glenilen Farm

  135. Lou !Milligan

    So disappointed can’t get the yogurt jars any more. Plastic tubs just not the same. Please let me know if they are still available and where. Thank you!

  136. Suzanne

    Yesterday I bought your Raspberry yogurt and also Mango and Passionfruit for the first time. I can honestly say it is the best yogurt I have ever tasted!

  137. Alvin

    I had never tried your natural yoghurt until this morning. I try to eat healthy fats whenever possible as I run marathons among other things & I need to be well fueled up! It’s lovely! Nice to see an unprocessed natural & full of healthy fats product from Cork! I will endeavour to buy it from now on. I have passed it on the shelves probably because of it packaging as it’s doesn’t seem to stand out quite as much as the competitors & I’m usually rushing! Also love the fact that the fat content varies seasonally! Brilliant!
    Well done!

  138. Manuel Melle Franco

    We tried your strawberry yogurt in a trip to London and just loved it. It is one of the best, and most honest, yogurts we ever tried! We wish you would export them to PORTUGAL!

  139. Niamh

    Really love yr product large and small glass yoyurt and yr cheese cakes they are gorgerous. Just Tryed yr new range today mango and passion fruit was lovely but strawberry I taught was very water and didn’t have great flovour like yr other yogurt
    yr old selection are much taster and much and have much better packing the new 4 pack yogurts open very easily .

  140. K dawson

    I love your glass pots, but they are only available at Waitrose in Eldon Square. Could you look to expanding your stockists in yhe North East of England? The Ponteland Waitrose does not stock them, nor do any of our local Tescos. Would gladly shop in either if they had your products so see what you can do

    1. glenilen

      Hi Kathleen,

      Thankd for the comment, delighted you like the range- we will do hope to be rolled out to more stores but we are also available online with Ocado which may work for you?

  141. Lewy

    Just tried a raspberry yoghurt and felt compelled to get in contact and say how great it was! Keep up the great work and I can’t wait to try more. Cheers

  142. fitnaturally

    Just tried one of your yogs and after checking the ingredients we will be adding them to our clients’ nutrition plans! Gorgeous, natural, not too sweet. Everything a yoghurt should be. Thank you!

  143. Lili

    Hi, just moved to London and was doing my groceries last week-end and picked up one of your yoghurt (Rhubarb & strawberry) and I loved it!!!!!!!! it’s creamy but not too creamy, tasty and not too sweet – just perfect! thank you for making this so yummmi yoghurt! Best, Lili

  144. heather Green

    Where can I buy your yoghurts please? The only Tesco is a very small one in Leeds city centre and i live LS29 .kind regards
    Heather Green

  145. Rosaleen Tritschler

    Just to say I love your products, would it be possible to;produce your yoghurt in a plastice small pot. I usually buy the large one and my husband messes it up. i would like one just for me. I think the glass one you currently produce is too expensive for what it is. I have also noted the Ardkeen Stores charge more money for your products then the local tesco, why not the same price everywhere? Keep up the good work. I love the fact that the products contain very little added ingredients

    1. glenilen

      Hi there,

      Thanks for the kind comments about our products, we have actually just launched 4 packs of our yoghurt (raspberry/strawberry and Mango & Passion Fruit) they are available in Super Valu and Ardkeen, they will be in Tesco in June. Thanks again for the support!

  146. Rosalind

    Having treated myself to your butter recently, I’m loving it. Spread liberally on my toast (on local organic bread this morning) it’s making my breakfasts extra special! The flavour is fabulous. Although I never developed a taste for margerine (in fact I don’t seem to be able to spell it) I just don’t see the point in eating something fake. Margarine deprives one of taste as well as joy but your butter and your excellent, farm-produced dairy products are a gastronomical pleasure. Thus the fully natural product from your well-fed, contended cows is being transformed into a true-gold spread which feeds the body and the soul! Thank you for your efforts and ethos.

    PS Congratulations on the choice of wrapping and graphics too.

    PPS I read the note from a customer about the butter tasting like a minty chocolate bar. Butter seems sensitive to absorbing such smells – it must have been in the shopping bag, side-by-side with the Aero for too long!? There are not many of us around who LOATH minty sweets and chocolate but ‘Boooooooo’ to that bar if that’s what tainted your pure product.

  147. Rachel Thomas

    Hello my name is Rachel Thomas and I wanted to drop you a note to say thank you for producing such a delicious product, I recently tried your creme fraiche and was extremely impressed by the richness and flavour of the product, unlike any other I have tasted. I will continue to support your products, they are exquisite. I am a small food producer and I appreciate the passion, dedication and hard work it takes to produce such an outstanding produce, I will never be without your wonderful products in my home. I currently purchase your products from Avoca Handweavers in Enniskerry, Co Wicklow,
    Thank you ,
    yours sincerely

    Rachel Thomas.

  148. mary comerford

    Hi tasted your probiotic rhubarb&strawberry yoghurt yesterday ,it was delicious,I eat a lot of yoghurt first time to try yours. Its is absolutely a winner with me ,on my shopping list from now on. Bought in Tescos in Nenagh . many thanks Mary

  149. Laura

    I am interested in trying your natural yoghurt due to the live cultures contained. Could you be more specific about which cultures are used and also verify at what part of the process these cultures have been added as I am keen to enhance my gut flora.
    Thanks, Laura.

    1. glenilen

      Hi Laura,

      Thanks for your interest the live cultures we use are as follows;, L. acidophilus, Bifidusbacterium lactis.
      Hope this helps

  150. Barbara

    I have just tried one your little pots of rhubarb and yogurt and was compelled to thank you for creating such a delicious pot of goodness, made all the more appealing by its presentation. The taste is so well balanced that it’s treat for your tastebuds. Thank you.

  151. F


    I recently bought your handmade butter. I’m not sure how to describe the taste but it isn’t what I expected. My son asked me why the butter tasted like minty aero chocolate and I have to agree that it does taste quite minty. I wonder if this is its normal taste or if it had somehow gone off in the shop (it I in date). I am a little disappointed and am only continuing to use it since it was quite expensive!

    1. glenilen

      Hi Fiona,

      Thanks for getting in contact with us & buying our butter originally- it definitely shouldn’t have a minty taste at all as it is just made from cream and a little salt, i am going to get quality to e mail you if that is ok to follow up on where you bought it and if you still have the BB date

      Many Thanks for getting in contact

      Glenilen Farm

  152. Kirsten Howells

    Just eaten half of your large pot strawberry and natural live yoghurt and it tasted delicious, thank you! Can’t wait to try the raspberry one :)

  153. Elizabeth Hatz

    Glenilen farm makes the loveliest cream and butter I have ever tasted. It is even better than that from my childhood. I bring it back to my native Sweden, I eat it, cook with it, give it away as fine gifts…I also like the natural youghurt. But the cream and butter are my absolute favorites. Have had some butter tasting tests in Sweden last summer; Glenilen Farm won every time. I think your totally natural products, without fruit are the very best for me and of outstanding quality and also keep very well. Bravo! Elizabeth

  154. Jack Vincennes

    Your strawberry and raspberry yoghurts are absolutely delicious, we can’t get enough of them. Also, it’s great that you keep it natural and free of preservatives. Could you please let me know if you’re planning to roll out the large yoghurt line in Central London soon (I haven’t seen it in either Waitrose or Selfridges yet)?

    1. glenilen

      Hi Jack, Thank you for your kind comments and delighted you like them. The big pots are with Ocado & Tesco & Whole Foods, hopefully distribution will continue to grow!

  155. Paul Byrnes

    Just had the coconut and passion fruit panna cotta
    Excellent, smooth very tasty, only thing crunching seeds can be a put off. Would love panna cotta with other flavours.

  156. Susan Lacey

    I adore all your products, the flavour and quality surpasses anything else i have tried. I am especially addicted to your Raspberry mousse, heaven! Well done all of you!.

  157. Ellen Bailey


    I have bought your individual yogurt pots and the larger size plastic pot from Tesco in Baggot Street. Both times, the fruit started to ferment underneath the yogurt even though the yogurts were kept in the fridge and were well within date. I have a large summer berries pot in the fridge with a use by date of 3 Feb which is fermenting which is disappointing. I thought I would let you as it is dissuading me from buying it again even though I am keen to buy Irish high quality food.



    1. glenilen

      Hi Ellen,

      Thank you for your comments and very sorry to hear about this, we are going to get quality to have a look into it and get back to you,
      Many Thanks
      Julie Ann
      Glenilen Farm

  158. Sandy Lyons

    I came across your yogurts in a supermarket here in London – was thrilled to find something from home, and even more thrilled to find the best yogurt I’ve ever tasted!

  159. Mo

    I don’t usually comment on products but I have to say your raspberry & natural love yogurt is delicious and not high in calories and I can’t wait to try other flavours Thank you

  160. Dorrie

    Received your Handmade Summerfruits Cheesecake as a dinner gift and it was devoured! Light, flavoursome and a welcome refreshing dessert after heavy Christmas pudding. Well done Alan, Valerie & Family!

  161. Gavin Murray

    I’m an avid fan of your yoghurts and buy them on a regular basis. Since I was a boy my favourite flavoured yoghurt has always been hazelnut by yoplait and would love if you could do a glenilen version as I’m sure it would be fab.
    Yours living in hope

  162. shane

    Hi, I want to compliment you guys on your range of absolutely top quality products, the likes of which i have never come across before… well done

  163. Egan

    Good Morning. We bought your Handmade Country Butter at Super Value, Longford. It is absolutely gorgeous, either, on it’s own on bread / toast, or else, as an ingredient in cooking / baking. My wife used your Country Butter when making a cheese sauce and it genuinely, added a much better flavour to the sauce in comparison to the mass produced product. Keep on doing what you are doing.

  164. Gary Morley

    Had one of Mango and passion fruit youths for the first time last night, Just one word… Brilliant, Brilliant, Brilliant… Now I need to seek out more of your range, Did I say that three times…?

  165. Liz Fisher

    I bought some of your very yummy products at The Good Food Show in London. Very happy to find that I can order them through Ocado.

  166. Jane aucott

    Just ate my first tub of your mango and passionfruit live yoghurt,loved it. To my delight its made in Drimoleague, I have ancestors dating back to the1800’s from there !!

  167. Jacinta Murphy

    Cant believe I am taking the time to email you but I have become almost addicted to your yoghurts. I especially love the summerberries one. Please carry on producing the best yoghurt I have ever eaten. Good luck with future produce

  168. Carmel Kennedy-Mahon

    Tried the Summerfruits cheese cake this weekend and thought it was fab, I don’t have a very sweet tooth so loved the flavour, as a weightwatcher gold member thought it was a lovely dessert, the outter sleeve was discarded before i could work out the propoints per portion so I will just have to buy it again

  169. Derval Cromie

    Recently, I sent my kids to our local tesco on the navan rd to get 3 items.They mistook the 1 Glenilen yogurt on the list for Mum wanting 7!! They had enough money for 5…
    And not surprisingly, they’re nearly all gone. Delicious, and super-healthy. No-one gets sick in our house when they have a daily dose of Glenilen – genuinely. Thanks a mill for a fabulous healthy yet tasty product.

    1. glenilen

      Hi Caitlin,

      Thanks for your interest- unfortunately we were not getting the shelf life we needed from it, we will e mail you the recipe- its very easy to make!

  170. Catherine Gibb

    Just recently found your yogurts and i love them, found all but the plum variety but am hopeful will locate some soon. Cannot wait to try some of the other products to. xx

    1. glenilen

      Hi Sue,

      Thanks for the interest, we are hoping to roll out products to more Tesco & Waitrose stores- so keep your eyes pealed!

  171. Sue Palin

    Just found your Summer Berries and Natural Yoghurt in my local Tesco – and that was a surprise in itself! Anyway, it is the most delicious yoghurt I have ever tasted and I shall be buying the remaining pots. However, knowing that branch of Tesco, they will probably stop selling the yoghurt… I can’t wait to try your other products and I hope I can find them in north-west London.

  172. wes wilkinson

    hi just had your raspberry & live yougurt, choc moose, & panacotta and passion fruit
    3 fabulous pieces of food
    the €10 pack was the best promotion at the ploughing champs, and the tastiness of the food a real find. well done, best of luck.

  173. Jane Bradley

    Love , love , love your raspberry yogurt , simply the best, bought in Tescos while staying with my daughter in London have 8 large pots already !! I live in the USA oh wish you sold over there … :)

  174. BONNIE

    Just a note to let you know that your 4 x pack fromage frais, while delicious, are a nightmare for toddlers due to dreadful packaging. 1. The pots have a really sharp corner when separated 2. They don’t stand upright on their own, ie. impossible for little ones to self feed without spilling everywhere.( Especially frustrating as the fromage frais is quite runny and there’s not a lot of it!!! )

    1. glenilen

      Hi Bonnie,
      Thanks for the feedback- much appreciated, we have new pots coming and they will stand upright and are working on getting the product thicker. As for the sharp corner- we have looked at it but unless we leave a plastic piece in the middle of the four pack we cant do anything about it unfortunately.

      Again thanks for feedback always great to get it and we hope you will still consider buying it in future,

  175. NICOLA

    Stumbled accross the lovely rhubarb yogurts in a discount food store, never seen them before, but will hunt a local supplier down!

  176. Sarah Kelen

    Delicious yogurt which our local Waitrose have just introduced (in Beaconsfield – no Waitrose in neighbouring Gerrards Cross) Waitrose have a bad habit of dropping good new products after a while so I do hope they continue, and offer a wider variety of the flavours you make. Great that it is not sickly sweet like most yogurts – I love the sharpness of the passion fruit/mango one, and the strawberry is lovely.)

    1. glenilen

      Hi Dottie,

      Thanks for your comment- we don’t im afraid as we just get a very short shelf life from them, next time you are in Ireland come and visit us in West Cork

  177. Mary Riordan

    Most delicious yogurt I have ever tasted and have sampled many both at home and abroad.So proud it is a Cork product.

  178. Dan

    Your lemon cheesecake is just the most delicious desert. I buy one whenever I see one and can’t wait to just dive into one after sunday dinner. Just so yum! Just one question, how many calories in one quarter or one eight of the cheesecake? Is there a lighter version in the process of being made?

    1. glenilen

      Hi Dan,

      they are 600g and 222 calories per 100g- so a generous slice! No lighter ones at the moment we have a few new concepts coming out in November so hopefully you will enjoy them too! Thanks for the comment!

      Glenilen Farm

  179. Elizabeth Crowley-Smith

    recently tried your yogurt with mango and passion fruit and the family agreed that the passion fruit overwhelmed the mango so was quite a sharp taste was expecting the lovely smoothness of mango with a hint of passion fruit. Would have preferred without the passion fruit otherwise the yogurt itself was lovely.

  180. Martina gibbons

    Just wondering if the yoguarts are low in fat as it is not clear on tbe pack
    It tast very good however
    Martina gibbons

    1. glenilen

      Hi Martina,

      All the fruit yoghurts are low fat 2.6g per 100g’s- about 3 weight watcher points we believe if you go by that system! Glad you liker them!!

  181. Susan

    I’ve just finished (yet another) pot of your delicious yoghurt. It’s just too good and great for the kids too as it’s not full of rubbish.
    Just wanted to say YUM and well done for making ‘proper’ food!

  182. Mgt roche

    I love your raspberry and choc pots but can’t get my hands on any this year. Are you still producing them ?

    1. glenilen

      Hi there,

      Thanks for your interest, we did actually stop producing them but have some nice new desserts coming out soon!

  183. Tobie Kaye

    Your yoghurt reminds me exactly of the yoghurt I used to get at my grandmother when I was a child (in the ’60’s!). At last! Thank you so much. PS: Please can you supply Waitrose in Brighton?

    1. glenilen

      Thanks so much Tobie- hopefully we will be in Brighton soon, we are online with Ocado if that helps!

      Kind Regards

      Glenilen Farm

  184. J.D.Fish

    Do you have any stockists of your wonderful yoghurt in this area?
    Does Tesco on Monkspath or Waitrose in Kenilworth stock it?

    1. glenilen

      Hi JD,

      Thanks for the comment, unfortunately not yet but hopefully soon, we are online with Ocado so you can get them there too,

  185. Alan

    I have just enjoyed one of your rhubarb yogurts, bought from Booths, and will buy more. But where’s the nutritional information?

    1. glenilen

      Hi Alan,

      Glad you liked the nutritional information is on the inside of the label, thanks for comment!

  186. Jaromir Koleckar

    Hi friends. Your yogurt is the best I’ve ever eaten. It’s a excellent harmony taste amazing!
    I’m buying it on a regular basis.
    Thank you for this product. And I wish the best of luck and success, sincerely JAROMIR KOLECKAR

  187. Helen Furlong

    Prompt and satisfactory response received on my earlier comment (re PF/Mango yoghurt). Excellent customer service, Helen

  188. Lynda Ward

    Just tried the 500g pot strawberry probiotic yogurt that I bought in tesco, oh dear its all gone!!

  189. Helen Furlong

    Hello, I love both your mango/passion fruit and rhubarb yoghurt. However the mango in the last two (large pots) of M/PF yoghurt that I bought tasted mushy. I bought these over the last couple of weeks, the BB date was fine on them

    1. glenilen

      Hi Helen,

      Thanks for the mail. we appreciate your support & feedback, our quality team will be in touch.

      Kind Regards

      Glenilen Farm

  190. dana

    hi,i would love to thank you for your yogurts,my favorite is raspberry probiotic yougurt,if i could i would swim in it every day it is sooooo good,there is no better yogurt on the market,thanks again for hard work it is worth it

  191. Connor

    Heard the tragic news at Bloom that your raspberry mouse is to be no more! Please make it not be so! Am a huge fan. You promised to post the recipe if the mouse does come off the product offering list.

    1. glenilen

      Hi Connor,

      Thanks for the comment, there is still a few weeks left with the mousse but yes we are delisting it. We will be putting up the recipe over the next 2 weeks! Thanks for all the support & hope the mousse making well!

      Kind Regards

      Glenilen Farm

  192. Shauna Dodd

    Just tried your mango & passion fruit yogurt and personally for me it’s not great. It’s too tarty & I don’t normally mind that. But the probiotic yogurt there’s not much of a taste from it. Some probiotic yogurts I’ve tasted are a lot sweeter.

  193. Alice Collier

    Hi, visited your stand at Bloom recently and purchased your cool bag offer. The lemonade was delicious and reminded me of childhood. The panacotta was also delicious. Unfortunately the second pot had gone off before I got to it – Was saving it for my daughter to taste. I always buy your yogurts. Are the lemonade and panacotta freely available in stores.

    1. glenilen

      Hi Alice,

      Thanks for your comments and hope you enjoyed Bloom, Panna cotta is just for show’s i am afraid but the lemonade is available in selected stores, if you want to e mail with where you live she can advise where to buy,

      Thanks again Alice

  194. Rebecca Fitzsimons

    Following a recent tv item about your farm, I bought your yogurt instead of the usual Danone/Yoplait ones in a bid to support what seemed like a very good Irish company. I was NOT disappointed! I have used the large tub of Rhubarb and Strawberry on its own and over ice-cream and fresh strawberries. Delicious! I have been singing your praises to everyone I know and I have served the yogurt to a few friends who were impressed. Best of luck for your future success and THANKS a million! Rebecca P.S. That plug on the tv was very compelli!ng

  195. Liz Tighe

    Hi. Love your yoghurts. today, however, my summerberries natural probiotic yoghurt tastes fizzy. is it something to do with the berries?

    1. glenilen

      Hi Liz,

      Thanks for comments, great to hear you like our yoghurts, the fruit however should not taste fizzy so sorry to hear that it did, would you mind e mailing our quality team at thekitchen(at) with where you bought it just so we can look into it further?

      Kind Regards

      Glenilen Farm

  196. Clodagh Fowden-Nevin

    Hi, I’m an Irish person living in Brussels and everytime I’m passing through duty free at Dublin, I rush to Wrights of Howth to buy your Rhubarb yoghurt, it is THE best I have ever had. Please, please, extend distribution to Europe!!!! Just shared one with my colleague here and she agrees…. Kind regards. Clodagh

  197. Jenny Penna

    Couldn’t believe it when we found ‘clotted cream’ on our last trip to Cregg W Cork. As retired dairy farmers we made Cornish clotted cream all our working lives for our own use. Apart from lacking a crust your cream is the ‘tops’ – we are delighted to be able to have it on Apple pie, with Strawberries and just with jam and bread/scones whilst in W Cork – makes our stay even more like ‘home from home’!!

  198. Joe

    I remember tasting one of your smoothies at the Ploughing Match two years ago and it was one of the nicest smoothies that I have ever tasted in my life and I drink a lot of smoothies. I’m just wondering would you ever sell it in the shops?

    1. glenilen

      Hi Joe,

      Thanks for your comments and great to hear you enjoyed out smoothies so much, we just sell them at our stand at Mahon Point on a Thursday, so if you live in Cork you can get them there, otherwise we will be at the Ploughing with then again this year!

  199. Valerie McGuinness

    I just had to tell you that I regard your Raspberry Natural Yoghurt as the nicest yoghurt I have ever tasted. I take yoghurt every day for years and have tasted many different makes, both in Ireland and abroad, and find that yours is just wonderful!. Congrats, Val

  200. Barb Edwards

    In this brisk world of today it is wonderful to know there are still ethical farmers who work hard to supply organic milk and dairy products. It is also good to know you don’t over milk your cows and keep them warm in the winter. I love your products already and I haven’t tasted them yet but will very soon. Thank you – Peter Roberts would be proud of you.

  201. Liz Boyland

    Hi, just wanted to say thank you for a motivational and inspirational talk today in Cork. Fantastic! I am looking into a recipe for that pesky whey… will let you know what I find!

    Kind Regards,

  202. Anna

    Hi just wanted to comment on how beautifully tasty your yoghurts are and I see I’m not alone!!! I especially like the rhubarb strawberry one, thank you so much … Anna

  203. Michael

    Love your yoghurt. Real quality product. Very impressive indeed. Was wondering about the pro-biotic cultures in the finished product. Are they live? And also would like to know what type they are please :) Thank you!

    1. glenilen

      Hi Michael,

      Thanks for you kind comments, our natural yoghurt is live and the cultures are; Streptococcus thermophilus
      Lacto bacillus delbrueki sp. bulgaricus, lactis
      Lacto bacillus acidophilis
      Bifidobacterium lactis.

      Hope this helps

      Kind Regards

      Glenilen Farm

  204. Judy Beglau

    Hi. We are visiting from Texas and bought some of your butter and some fabulous bread at Avoca. We are in love with your butter. We have a creamery in Texas called Bluebell where they make fabulous ice cream. They say contented cows make the best cream. We also bought some cheddar cheese, and my husband says your advertisement needs to be : “why have the cheddar if you have the butter?”
    Thanks for your work that makes the world a better place!

    1. glenilen

      Hi there,

      Thanks so much for your kind comments, we currently are not available in Milton Keynes but we are online with Ocado so you could get home delivery!

  205. kelly newman

    Hi, every one at the glenilen farm,thank you for having us on Wednesday and showing us your factory. I liked seeing where the calves are kept, the filling of the yoghurts pots and i liked when you made the butter.The lomon cheese cake tasted delicious and i will buy it myself in the shop.

  206. Anna

    I just want to say how DELICIOUS are your yoghurts. We’ve discovered them over 1 year ago in our local super value and couldn’t believe how tasty they are!!!! They remained me my childhood when my parents made for us strawberries with cream- unforgettable memory…We’ve taste all your range and everything is fantastic…my 2 baby girls are huge fan not to mention my husband…we are buying them like crazy at least 10 a week, the best thing about them is that U can use them as a proper healthy meal on its own or with Weetabix, pasta, rice…I’ve tried millions of ways and all are perfect…I’m waiting for blueberries taste I think would be lovely as well. I’m living in Ireland but I’m from Poland and recently I took few of this with us because U won’t find anything like that there…my sister said U are crazy but then she changed her mind when she tasted them…she said they are the best yoghurts ever and she normally don’t eat any…Last year on summer holidays the one things that we missed with my husband were yoghurts:))) we just addicted from them that’s all…I just want to thank U for a little bit of heaven every day and for one of the best things I’ve eat in my life (just eating strawberry one) thx in million and I wish all the best…hopefully U will be exporting them all over the world…ana

  207. Andy

    Feel a bit of a “saddo” sending this ; ) but am so pleased that serendipity led me to find your raspberry yoghurt in Waitrose – so delicious! Could only find it in Richmond branch tho’. Will other branches of Waitrose in South West London be stocking it soon? Hope so and good luck with the business.

  208. margaret killoran

    i do love the raspberry yogurt and have been buying it on a weekly basis but the one i bought last week was off it is in date and i will not be back in the area i bought it in Wesport i live in co.roscommon.

    1. glenilen

      Hi Margaret,

      Thank you for your comment and very sorry to hear that, we will get our quality team to e mail you first thing,
      Thanks again!

  209. Gabrielle Crowley

    I just wanted to congratulate you on your beautiful yoghurts especially the strawberry flavour. I attended boarding school where yoghurts were literally forced upon us! I haven’t eaten yoghurts in years but was persuaded by the presentation in the beautiful little glass churn and the fact that you are a local enterprise to give your product a try. Am I glad i did? The probiotic yoghurts are nothing short of heavenly! Well done to Glenilen and many years of success to your business! My question is, would you like the little pots back or will I just recycle them in the normal way?

    Hi Gabrielle,

    Thanks for much for your kind comments, delighted you are back enjoying yoghurt, at the moment we dont have the facility to take back the jars but they are 100% recyclable. We find lots of uses for them, jam/herbs/spices. Thanks for comment!

  210. Clodagh

    Hi there, our school has an annual healthy eating day. The Glenilen yoghurts were hugely popular on the day. Thanks very much!

  211. Sinead McMahon

    Hi, I don’t usually post messages but I wanted to let you know how much I love your yogurts- especially the raspberry and just lately the mango and passionfruit. There are no other brands that come close. Keep up your good work

  212. Trish Fitzpatrick

    Hi, I was at the pregnancy and baby fair in the RDS yesterdat( sat) and purchased some yogurts and I had to write and commend you on a fabulous product, my 3 kids loved them and they tasted really creamy, will definately be looking for your products when I’m doing my shopping. Well done on a great offer that the fair I just loved getting the cute freezer bag, keep your your great work and well done again,
    Kind regards

  213. Lucienne Missillier

    Hello, during my holidays in Ireland trim, our son David, who has worked for 9 years in Dublin, told us about your delicious yogurt and taste it. We are French and we love the high quality dairy products, living in Rhône Alpes.

  214. Rachel

    Have tried most of your yoghurt flavours, most fruity and delicious yoghurts ever! Beautiful over porridge or with muesli too. One slight complaint, the yoghurts are a bit runny – it doesn’t affect the taste at all, but I like a more set yoghurt, especially for the kids. Though looking forward to trying the kids’ range :) Would also like smaller 125 g individual yoghurts in a 4 – pack similar to competitors.

    1. glenilen

      Hi there,

      Thanks for your feedback and delighted you like our products- we are working on the consistency of the yoghurt so should be a little thicker in next little while. Thanks again

      Glenilen Farm

  215. Jemma


    I have just tried one of your strawberry yogurts. Thank you it was fantastic. The best yogurt i have ever had. Cant wait to try more of your products

    Best wishes

  216. Roisin

    Just wanted to say that your produce is fantastic!! I love the cheesecakes especially the summer fruit one, the raspberry mousse, the lemonade, the panacotta, the
    raspberry yogurt! They’re all gorgeous. I buy the
    yoghurts nearly everyday!! Visit your stand at Bloom
    every year but I have the junior cert this year so I’m not allowed go :( Well I’d just like to say thanks for creating this range the quality and flavour is outstanding!

  217. Amy

    I had several varities of your yogurt during a recent visit to Ireland and they were all amazing!! I have tried to find a product that is similar here in the US, and nothing compares! I’m already planning on bringing some back with me on my next trip!!

  218. Helen C

    Just had your yogurt raspberry. Delicious . Looking forward to sampling more of your range of products. Well done. Best yogurt I’ve ever tasted. Will spread the word. Helen

  219. Cathy B

    Hi, I bought your yogurts for the first time on Saturday, they are fab, so filling and taste absolutely gorgeous. They are on my shopping list for the future, Thank you.

  220. Denise Galloway

    Just found your wonderful yoghurts at Waitrose – seems I am not the only one as the next day the shelf was empty! Love the mango and passion fruit! Well Done… :-)

  221. Bernadette O'Neill

    hello I am a big fan of your yogurts esp raspberry recently I purchased some but when i removed the seal it gave a popping noise like it was full of gas.The yogurt tasted fizzy and the expiry date was not until the 25th of March 2013.I have kept this large container in my fridge if you would like someone to inspect it.I have been eating your yogurts for the past 3 years and I have never had any problem with your yogurt up until now.

    Hi Bernadette,

    Thanks for getting in contact and we are very sorry to hear that, our quality department have been in contact i believe, again we apologise and thank you for bringing it to our attention.

  222. M L R

    I have just tried your small yoghurts (mango/ passionfruit and rhubarb) from Waitrose and I have to say I ate both of them in one go as they were so good – these are the best yogurts I have ever eaten (I am 46 years old) and I am returning especially to Waitrose to buy more tomorrow. I never imagined I could deam of yogurt…

  223. Rosemary O'Neill

    I am writing to say how impressed I am with all your products. I use your yoghurts on a daily basis and I have also recommended them to numerous friends. I am delighted to read about all the awards you have received – they are well deserved. Keep up the good work!

  224. Ryan

    Hi Guys,
    For years and years I have hated yoghurts…Actually any type of Dairy products apart from milk! Your years the taugh of a yoghurt sent shivers down my spine! Just a few weeks ago my Mother ” A Yoghurt hater” bought some in her weekly grocery shopping and she bragged about how good they were! I gave in an tried the a yoghurt and since then you can’t get me out of the Dairy Corner in the Supermarket! They are extremely creamy an light and very refreshing! I love them.
    Thanks for the great combination of “Probiotic natural yoghurt and Raspberry”
    My biggest weakness

  225. lynn bussell

    I recently purchased from John Lewis’s Waitrose Food Hall your raspberry, strawberry and mango/passionfruit yoghurts-all absolutely delicious and very moreish. I hope the Waitrose buyers will introduce your products to their stores in Sussex.

  226. Barbara

    Hi, I love your products and I am a regular customer, I always been happy with the information provided in the label but since I am pregnant I noticed that your label doesn’t say if the milk is pasteurised. It would be great if you can include it.

    1. glenilen

      Hi Barbara,

      Thanks for the kind comments, they are all pasteurised but great for us to get feedback and we will put on the next run of yoghurts!

      Kind Regards

      Glenilen Farm

  227. Victoria

    THANK YOU for your work & great products!!! I @ LOVE @ your Handmade Strawberry Yoghurt @!!! It is SIMPLY THE BEST!! Pity not all the shops in Dublin have them and the ones who have run out of stock so quickly. There’s no so much HEALTHY & DELICIOUS food of such QUALITY on the market these days. It’s good to have you!) Best of luck!!!

  228. Robin Munro

    Your yoghurts are simply the best-Truly yummy!
    I will be recommending them to all my friends.
    Best wishes, Robin.

  229. Jawad

    Your yoghurt range is amazing! It’s perfect for lunch and so low-in-fat! I’ve been converting everyone at the office ever since a colleague recommended your brand!


  230. Anna Collins

    Hello Glenilen!

    I am a big fan and wanted to know whether it is possible to buy your butter in the shops, or is it only available in restaurant?



    1. glenilen

      Hi Anna,

      Thanks for the kind comments on our butter glad you are a fan, not sure where you live but in Ireland is in some super valu’s but primarily our artisan stores like donnybrook fair, avoca, mortons, mc cambridges (galway), o’keefe’s (st lukes cork) roughtly foodie (english market cork). If you want to e mail she will give you more places!

  231. Paul Levick

    Just demolished one of your fine panacottas. When am I going to be able to have your products delivered via Ocado to a BA post code. Please check Waitrose Bath as visisted twice recently and not available send my regards to Sam!

    1. glenilen

      Hi Paul,

      will do, we know you were onto Sam already, thanks for the feedback and support to our range in the UK- we are working on increasing distribution!

      Kind Regards

      Glenilen Farm

  232. anneke blanckaert-mechels

    Congratulations!We had breakfast at The Corinthia in London last week and I tried your youghurt.It was the best youghurt I ever had.I hope one day I can buy it in Bruges.Is there a place in London I can buy your products?

  233. Nikki Alete

    Bought your yoghurt for the first time today from Waitrose. Raspberry and rhubarb. Absolutely gorgeous! The best yoghurt I have ever had. We will be buying it …a lot! It has a lovely refreshing taste. Totally unique in my experience and I eat a lot of yoghurt! It tastes like a treat that should be calorific. You read the label and joy!….it’s pretty healthy too! I will be seeking out more of your products. Thank you.

  234. karl daly

    im totally hooked on your all singing all dancing probiotic yogurts in the large tub.this has become part of my weekly staple diet and a must in the shopping basket….very well done Glenilen….superb stuff indeed.

  235. Kath kelley

    Yoghurt with passion fruit and mango is extraordinary. One of the best new products in waitrose for a long time . Well done

  236. Deirdre Mc Mahon

    Just want to say I was never a fan of natural yogurt but bought one of your products in my local centra the other day (strawberry yogurt) and I feel in love with it. Tastes of heaven so fresh and fruity!! I have 1 a day now and always have a large pot in the fridge for snacking on. Will def be buying more products in future and spreading the word! Thank you for opening my eyes to REAL yogurts! Well done all involved in Glenilen!!

  237. adrian webb

    I am a professional chef running a 5 star operation in North London , when I get in at night I love to relax witha snack , your yoghurt range with fruit is outstanding , lovely and fresh and bright, extreemly well done bucking the trend for sweet sickly goo as others have on the supermarket shelves, its by far the best yoghurt product out there.
    Adrian Webb
    Chef Patron
    Regatta London

  238. Louise

    Just ate one of your strawberry yoghurts from Ocado, absolutely gorgeous, felt like a real treat- but it’s healthy! Thank you. You should have a like on Facebook button, more people should know about you.

  239. Annette Richer

    Bought a pot of your Raspberry Yoghurt from Waitrose for the 1st time. Absolutely LOVE IT. Not to sweet, and lovely raspberry fruit. I sprinkled pomegranate seeds on the top of the yoghurt too. Was amazed at how low the calorific value was . Will definately be buying many more pots in the future.

  240. Clare Savinson

    I received a free yogurt from Ocado. I am now hooked! The raspberry compote is not too sweet, and is lovely paired with the plain yogurt. Other yogurts pail into insignificance by comparison.

  241. Clare Savinson

    I received a free glenilen yogurt from Ocado. I am now hooked! The raspberry compote in the yogurt is not too sweet, and tastes absolutely fantastic with the lovely yogurt. Other yogurts pail into insignificance in comparison

  242. Sharon

    Hello, just eaten your raspberry yoghurt for the first time. So lovely to have a sharpness to the yoghurt that is so rare to find now. I even had a little piece of stick in the raspberries – I’m sure you didn’t mean to put it there, but it just shows its fresh and not mushed by a machine! If you could just persuade Ocado to stock lemon posset that would be great!

  243. Stephanie

    So happy to find the website, you guys are adorable and the yoghurt is the best we’ve every had. You’ll be pleased to know that conversations are started when grabbing your products off the shelves in Waitrose (Islington). Not an easy feat in London! Would love to try the other products such as cheesecake and panna cotta. Please tell Waitrose to supply these. The yoghurts have now been added to both of our weekly shopping lists and looking forward to adding the others as well as soon as they are supplied.

    Stephanie , London, UK

  244. Clodagh Ronan

    I have always loved glenilens products, especially your tasty yoghurts. I am doing a project on your company in college, and I was wondering if you had any other information available regarding your target marget and marketing strategies.
    Best Regards,

    Hi Clodagh,

    Thanks very much for your comments and interest in Glenilen Farm, could you e mail julieanntwomey(at) and we will get some information to you.

    Clodagh Ronan , Cork City

  245. Czech au-pair

    When I first tasted your yoghurt, I couldn’t belive it! The taste was so unique and fresh. Is there any hope that you will stock in Europe? Please, do. I want yoghurts like these in Czech! I will definitely be packing some when I’m going home. Thanks for all you do!

    Hi there,

    Thank you for your message and delighted you like our yoghurt, at the moment the only place we export is the UK; as our products are fresh they have a very short shelf life so its not possible to export everywhere, but you never know- we will keep the webpage updated!

    Thanks again

    Glenilen Farm

    Czech au-pair , Dublin

  246. Becky Boo

    I recieved a free little jar of yoghurt today with my ocado order and was pleasantly surprised! Delicious and we will certainly be adding some to our next order :) yummy!

    Becky Boo , London

  247. Anne Gooding

    Adore your yoghurts since we first enjoyed them for breakfast on our Honeymoon in Co Donegal, We love pure, natural produce, locally made with such love! We source our tasty pots in Avoca, Belfast, but would love to see your produce more throughout Northern Ireland, Thanks Anne

    Anne Gooding , Armagh

  248. Barbara Dixon

    The very best yoghurts and panna cotta we have ever tried, just wish we could buy them in Leicestershire, I drove 25 miles to a shop that I thought may just have some – They didnt. Please sell into Leicestershire soon!!!! Happy Christmas

    Barbara Dixon , Leicestershire

  249. Marie Flynn

    I recently tried your yoghurts and I am a complete convert. They are so creamy and the fruit coulis is so fresh but not too sweet. I now stock up every week and either have on its own or with granola. I am look forward to trying out some of your other products.


    Marie Flynn , Dublin

  250. Suzi

    Hi. my mum treated myself and my partner to some of your panna cotta desserts…. they were amazing!!! she also brought us back some yoghurts…. mango and passionfruit and a raspberry. unfortunately both of these have gone off before their expiry date which was disappointing. they were purchased at Good Food Birmingham. i am hoping to find a local supplier soon so that i can give the yoghurts another go.

    Hi Suzi,

    Thanks for the message and we are sorry to hear about that, unfortunately with dairy sometimes it doesn’t travel well from these shows if you want to email with your details we will send you something to make up for it. Thanks again.

    Glenilen Farm

    Suzi , Shropshire, UK

  251. Jade

    Bought the Strawberry and Natural Probiotic Yoghurt from Waitrose in London today. Wow. Such a great product, thanks so much guys!

    Jade , Sydney Australia

  252. Margot

    All I can say is FAB, FAB, FAB just love your yoghurts what an experience for my taste buds – WOW thanks for making such a wonderfull product.

    Margot , Greystones

  253. Holly and Ben

    We came across your stand at the good food show in Birmingham today. We tried some of your amazingly tasty rhubarb yogurt and loved it! We bought one of your promotional deals with the really nice cool bag :) can’t wait to try the other flavours! hope your start selling your projects in more shops near us soon. Just wanted to say the people on your stand were really helpful and friendly too :) x

    Holly and Ben , Telford

  254. Marija

    I saw the yoghurts for the first time in Waitrose today, bought three… I doubt they’ll last! The taste reminded me of my childhood, of the homemade yoghurt my parents used to make me. And I thought this sort of goodness was something forgotten in this part of the world! Thank you!

    Marija , London

  255. Alyson

    Tried and bought your yoghurt yesterday at the Good Food Show. Absolutely delicious, fresh tasting and very moreish. Disappointed that there are no stockists locally. Maybe you could look into it?

    Hi Alyson,

    We are working on it and we will keep you updated with listings- in the mean time you can get it from ocado. Thanks for the message and for calling to the stand!

    Kind Regards

    Glenilen Farm

    Alyson , Nottingham

  256. Andrius Lake

    I bought your yogurt for the very first time as it looked absolutely beautiful. I was really looking forward to having some for breakfast when I discovered that it’d gone off 2 before ‘Use By’ date. Didn’t get to try it :-(

    Hi Andrius,

    We are very sorry to hear that- especially as it was your first time trying our stuff- would you mind e mailing with the flavour, where you bought it and the used by so we can look into it?

    Thanks for the comment,

    Kind Regards

    Glenilen Farm

    Andrius Lake , London

  257. Philip Hyde

    I tasted Your Yogurts yesterday for the first time ever and i must say they are life changing, my taste buds havnt been as satisfied for months , just wondering will ye be stocking them in or near clonmel any time soon
    Kindest Regards

    Philip Hyde , Clonmel , Tipp

  258. Mary Cagney

    Congratulations on all you do and your wonderful products .Wilde and Green and Donnybrook Fair are my sources .
    I am wondering if one can visit your farm and do your organise group visits and what might it entail .
    Thank You

    Mary Cagney , Dublin

  259. Sharon Carrabin

    Are your recipe stands available for purchase anywhere? They are lovely. Could have used one on Saturday to hold my Rocky ramblers recipe.

  260. Fran Durie

    Found your products at the Ploughing, and oh boy were they ever good! I have a cheesecake in the freezer for the sudden unexpected guest but I am hard pressed to leave it there for such an occasion. And yesterday found your yoghurt in my local SuperValue in Graiguenamanagh. Fantastic. Thank you so much for the REAL fruit. And its Irish. Well done to you both (all?!)

    Fran Durie , Graiguenamanagh Co. Kilkenny

  261. Ella Mahony


    I bought some of your products at the bbc good food show and have Galen in love with them!

    I was just wondering if you will be stocked at waitrose. Beckenham or Bromley? All your stockists will be hard for me to get to as I don’t drive


    Hi Ella,

    Thanks for stopping by the stand and your interest in our products. At the moment we are only in the 26 waitrose stores but we do hope we will be rolled out to more soon. In the meantime we are online with Ocado- if you ever shop there!

    Thanks again,

    Glenilen Farm

    Ella Mahony , London (south east)

  262. Emma Johnson

    We tried your products at the Good Food Show today and bought your promotional pack,we’ve just had the raspberry pannacotta for tea – it was divine, my 9 year old and I have looked online to see if we could buy them locally but sadly, no. Do you have any plans to supply them our way

    Hi Emma,

    Online with Ocado is an option for you, we are working hard to try and increase our UK distribution so hopefully in the forthcoming months you will see our products locally.

    Thanks for stopping by the stand and leaving a comment.

    Emma Johnson , Norfolk

  263. S Collins

    I discovered your absolutely delicious products at the Good Food show in London. Rachel Allen said to try them so I did and I love them. I can’t seem to find anywhere near me that stocks them. Help!!!! Your butter is so delicious and as for the raspberry pannacotta. Yum. Xxx

    Hi there,

    Ocado online is the only option in Kent, but we are working on it so keep looking out and thanks for leaving the comment!

    S Collins , Kent

  264. marguerite collins

    Dear Glenilen farms,
    I was just wonderin do ye still attend farmers markets and were?

    Hi Marguerite,

    Yes we do still attend farmers markets, not the one in Dungarvan unfortunately but Mahon point every Thursday.

    Kind Regards

    Glenilen Farm

    marguerite collins , dungarvan, co.waterford

  265. Barry

    Found your yogurts in waitrose this week! Delighted to see them over here in london. My mum is mad about them back home. She only shops in dunnes as superquinn don’t stock them apparently. Best yogurt I’ve ever tasted anyway- fair play!

    Barry , London

  266. graham and karen

    Just spotted these in Booths for 99p each,i thought bit pricy but i would try,,i had a rhubarb and the wife a strawberry.The texture of the cream and fruit were superb,the best yogurt i have ever had,wish they did bigger ones as well..a gem that has been found.well done val and alan.

    graham and karen , Lytham St Annes

  267. Sandra

    I have just come across your probiotic yoghurt with different fruits. The yoghurt is so tasty – the tang of real yoghurt and the different fruits match it well. Our local Booth’s store stocks them and I will certainly be buying them again.

    Sandra , Lancaster

  268. Miia

    Tried your handmade rhubarb natural yoghurt and just loved it! So happy to find these kind of gems in Waitrose.

    Miia , London

  269. Siobh

    Just tried the raspberry yoghurt in the little glass jar – so tasty – reminds me of my youth running around fields in West Cork.

    Siobh , Dublin

  270. Ani Costa

    Just tasted your Irish Cream cheesecake for the first time despite reading LOADS of negative reviews on Ocoado about it.LOVE IT.You’ll be pleased to know I’ve left a positive review on Ocado about it embracing its unique texture

    Ani Costa , Hastings-woop woop

  271. Marty

    I came across your products on a recent trip to Cork, to say i was stunned at the freshness, texture and flavour is an understatement – simple outstanding produce. I`m desperatly trying to find a local stockist now in my part of the world – i think im addicted.

    Hi Marty,

    Thanks for your kind comments, unfortunately the closest shop to you is Avoca Belfast, we do hope to be in more in Northern Ireland soon, so we will keep you posted.

    Kind Regards

    Glenilen Farm

    Marty , Co.Down

  272. EVA

    Hi there! My husband has become an addict and it’s all because of you! 500ml Strawberry yoghurt is something he has to have and he would eat it all in once, before anything else. We always have to search in shops for strawberry one, coz that’s his favourite. I started to understand his addiction, after I tasted it too…So now we are both hopelessly addicted to this pure heavenly taste of natural smooth yoghurt and fresh strawberries…hmmmm If you ever need somebody for advertising or testing your new product, we’re here :)

    EVA , Dublin

  273. Kathryn Rogers

    Yours is literally the best yogurt (Canadian spelling) I’ve ever tasted, and I have tried many, many varieties!

    I am especially appreciative of your dedication to animal welfare and how it forms part of the foundation of your business’ ethos.

    I hope you continue to do well and receive recognition for an exceptional product.

    Kathryn Rogers , London

  274. Patricia Boynton

    Just tasted your delicious yoghurts at The Carpenters Arms, Felixkirk, North Yorkshire. They obviously can buy them but where can I get them? There isnt a supplier listed near me?

    Hi Patricia, thanks for your query. The nearest place would be in Yorkshire in Booths or online with Ocado. Good luck and thanks for your query.

    Patricia Boynton , North Yorkshire

  275. Judith

    Discovered your yoghurts on a recent holiday in Cork. They are lovely and the best yoghurts I have ever had. Struggling to find them here in UK – but am now shopping at Ocado in order to get them. Are you going to be at the Good Food show in London in November?

    Hi Judith, Great to hear from you and that you like our yoghurts. Great that you are able to buy them in Ocado. You can also check out our website, and on the Stockists page for your local supplier. Yes we will be at the Good Food Show in London. See you there.

    Judith , West Sussex

  276. Dympna Gavin

    I love the lemon possets, but find them hard to get. Have visited Tesco in Clare Hall and Jervis Centre, but sometimes none there, and sometimes out of date. Any suggestions, pse?

    Hi Dympna, thanks for getting in touch. We also supply our Lemon Posset to SuperValu and Centra and deli’s and independants in Dublin such as Avoca. If they do not have them in stock you could ask them to stock it for you. Hope this helps, Kind Regards, Glenilen Farm

    Dympna Gavin , Swords

  277. Deborah Mallon

    OMG! I love your strawberry yoghurt. It is so yummy I ate the whole 500g pot myself. I promise to buy more next time and share with the rest of the family. I bought it from Waitrose and will now check to see if they stock any more of your products. Thank you!

    Deborah Mallon , Kent, UK

  278. Mary white

    Hi, I still can’t find your natural yoghurt in super value ( thomastown, or Kilkenny ) , can you tell me where my closest shop would be , all the best, mary

    Mary white , Thomastown ,kilkenny

  279. miriam o hara

    i saw the rte program on your farm and i then bought one of your yoghurt it was a breath of fresh air i have looked for your other products but can’t find any do you do on line orders

    miriam o hara , dublin

  280. Adriana Maher

    I just had a big pot of your Rasberry yoghurt today and it was just HEAVEN! It is definetely my favourite now and I will keep buying it. So So So delicious!! Our entire family loves your products, we buy your butter

    Adriana Maher , Meath

  281. Claire O'Donovan

    Hi, I had your yogurt pots in the K Club on Monday night and thought they were so fantastic I had to write and compliment you on them! I’m from Skibb originally, was home on hols and passing back through Dublin to come back to the UK, so I’m so glad I discovered them. I pass by Sourced in St. Pancras every week so luckily have found a UK supplier now! Keep up the great work – they’re a delicious product and great to see a West Cork business doing so well!

    Claire O’Donovan , Bedford and Skibb

  282. Claire Ryan

    Where can I purchase your yogurt? I tried
    Supervalue Tipperary Town….they don’t have it.

    Claire Ryan , Tipperary Town

  283. Philip hulsizer

    I have not been able to find your all natural flavor( no flavor) in any store could you tell me where I might find the plain version only

    Philip hulsizer , Adrigole, bearable

  284. Anne Marie

    I love love love your raspberry yoghurt and the raspberry pannacotta! Would you consider looking into a gluten free cheesecake ??? Reckon there’d be a huge market for that ???

    Anne Marie , Wexford

  285. Tom Knipe

    I just want to tell you how fantastic your summer fruit cheesecake is. I have been buying chilled, prepared desserts over the years, and none tops this delicious cheesecake. I will be buying this product regularly, and is always a winner with dinner guests. Thanks, and keep up the great tasting dessert range.

    Tom Knipe , Leitrim

  286. Lori

    Absolutely the best yogurt I have ever had. My husband and I visited Ireland and I first tasted your yogurt at a hotel breakfast in Dublin. I spent the rest of our vacation looking for it in various shops. It is simply amazing. I hope it makes it to the USA one day!

    Lori , South Carolina, USA

  287. joanna

    I’m in love with your yogurts,remember as child picking up summer fruits and eating them with fresh cream – your yogurts taste eg. same :) Thank You:)

    joanna , athlone

  288. Beth Mc Ilrath

    Just back from holiday in Galway and had your summer fruits yogurts they are absoluately delicious. Do you deliver to any shops in northern ireland?

    Beth Mc Ilrath , Co Londonderry NORTHERN IRELAND

  289. Pat

    Unreal yoghurt, love the stuff.
    When will your be bringing out a frozen yoghurt product, especially strawberry??

    Keep up the excellent work..

    Pat , Cork

  290. Marianne Kirkpatrick

    I fell head over heels in love with your yogurts while visiting Ireland recently and hoping you are going to bring it to the USA! Just take a look at what selling here did for Greek yogurt!! LOVE YOUR PRODUCT AND PACKAGING!!!

    Marianne Kirkpatrick , Basking Ridge,NJ, USA

  291. Colin Davies

    I know have a Booths Supermarket near me in Manchester so just tried your Raspberry Mousse for the first time. Simply loved it and will tell everone!

    Colin Davies , Manchester

  292. Andy Beardwood

    Just had one of your small yoghurts from Booths supermarket – it was beautiful!

    Andy Beardwood , Lancashire,UK

  293. Chuck and Luci Long

    Great to hear you are in the UK and up for rewards. Good write up in the West Cork People – keep up the grand work and looking forward to being your official tasters for all your products.

    Chuck and Luci Long , Kentucky

  294. Helen

    I first tasted your delicious strawberry yoghurt in Castlemartyr resort 2 years ago and am now fully addicted! They are so fresh and wholesome. I’ve recently tried mouse, also amazing.
    It’s fantastic to see a Irish, family-run farm producing such incredible products.
    I hope all goes well for you in the UK!

    Helen , Dublin

  295. kim jordan

    bought some yogurts at the Good Food Show in Birmingham and have to say they are gorgeous! Will definitely be buying more. First time I had had them, not the last!

    kim jordan , Derbyshire

  296. Jane Coleman

    Tried your products at Good Food Show and thought it was fantastic.Got the yoghurts, panacottas and got my free cool bag. Would love to try the cheesecakes. We need your products in Norfolk!

    Jane Coleman , Norfolk, UK

  297. Criostoir O'Flaherty

    Hi Glenilen Team,

    Came accross your yogurt (raspberry flavour) at a hotel we stayed in and have been buying it in a local Super Valu since then. Fantastic product, lovely branding, great job folks, keep up the good work !. Your making Irish manufacturers look great, share your passion and knowledge with some other producers and help to launch Ireland’s reputation as a place to create great food.

    Criostoir O’Flaherty , Spiddal Co. Galway

  298. Jackie mc dowell

    Wowwww, I bought you products from you at the Good Food show and they were Mmmmmm so beautiful and your lemonade is the best I have ever tasted, I really felt like I was eating luxury at a very reasonable price.

    Jackie mc dowell , Birmingham

  299. Rebekah wilkins

    Met you at the good food show on Wednesday love your products, really informative too, I shall heading to booths for more stock!!

    Rebekah wilkins , Stockport

  300. Mimi

    Hi. I have to say that there are no words to describe my feelings when there is a serendipitous momoent durings my weekly shopping – Glenilen Yogurts reduced in price to €1.50. I usually buy about four! thank you for making such amazing products.

    Mimi , Ennis

  301. Sally palmer

    We were down at Bloom in the Park and tried some of your products. The strawberry cheesecake was delicious and my kids devoured the mango yoghurt and the panda cotta!! Great value pack for great Irish food.

    Sally palmer , Castleknock Dublin 15

  302. Simone

    During my vacation to Dublin I tried your products and OMG I just love them!! I wish I could purchase them here, but I guess they are not sold here :( Best yoghurts I’ve ever tried!!

    Simone , Germany

  303. Helen Taffinder

    I am holding a small garden party for a few friends in a couple of weeks and am trying to source some of your delicious clotted cream. Our local Tesco doesn’t supply it and I wondered where I could get some fairly locally – I will travel if I need to!

    Helen Taffinder , Nenagh Co. Tipperary

  304. Theresa

    loving your yogurts,while in cork we saw you had lemonade so bought this,it was delicious,yet again a lovely product,have tried every shop ive been into but no one stocks it

    Theresa , Kerry

  305. Catherine Tarrant

    Just had to let you know that your Yougart with the fruit added is absolutely devine. It certainly is the best and compares to none other on the market. I have tried them all. I use a big pot over four days on my fruit in the morning. Have to limit myself with calories otherwise I would eat the full pot every morning. Kep making it.

    Catherine Tarrant , Millstreet Co. Cork

  306. Anna Furness

    Irecently bought your handmade apple yoghurt from booths in preston and they are the best yogurts ive ever had-amazing taste.

    Anna Furness , Preston lancashire .England

  307. Emma Andelson

    I stumbled across your website while reading a blog entry about a girl who visited Ireland and the delicious food she ate. This made me very happy because I just got done volunteering on Colin Wolfe’s farm in the middle of May. This was quite a pleasant surprise! By the way, all the food you brought over during the family reunion was deeeelicious!

    Emma Andelson , USA

  308. John Biggar

    Your lemon cheesecake used be our family’s favourite desert, but we haven’t bought it for some time. Coming back with great expectations, we were very disappointed in the product we bought in Dunnes, Cornelscourt, today. We all thought it lacked lemon flavour, we all noticed that the biscuit base is now thicker, and I thought it was much crumbier, although others disagreed. Have you changed the recipe? If so, please go back to the old one!

    John Biggar , Dublin

  309. Maria P.

    Hi, I just wanted to say that I adore your Strawberry Probiotic Yogurt. I eat it every day for the last 4 months and still can’t get enough. Brilliant. All the best, Maria

    Maria P. , Dublin, Ireland

  310. Daniel and Maureen Niles

    Better butter on the planet. Wish we could get it in the states. Tried to take some home but had it taken away in Frankfurt on the way home. : -(

    Can’t wait to come back and get some more! Thanks for your great product.

    Daniel and Maureen Niles , San Luis Obispo, California, USA

  311. JulesBroad

    Just ate your butter on hot crumpets…..memories of childhood!! Tasted so good. I see you stock in a number of Waitrose in the UK, please consider supplying the Jersey ones. p.s yogurt pretty damn good too!

    JulesBroad , Jersey

  312. Dianna Dennis

    Your Yoghurt is absolutely AMAZING!!! I just wish they stocked the plain locally. Eventually, I guess! Or perhaps you could do a version with less sugar and fruit that would have fewer calories in the large pot ;) Thanks!!! Add a Jersey or two to your herd, and it would be perfect ;) . Thanks, Dianna

    Dianna Dennis , Athenry, Co Galway

  313. Rayann

    This is truly the best yoghurt ever. I tried it along with my daughter at the good food show last year at Olympia and now it is the only yoghurt i buy. I have to get it from ocado but they only sell the large pots, i have only just found out that i can get in in John Lewis’s food hall at Bluewater i hope they sell the small ones as well. Once i open the large pot then i find myself eating the whole thing it is truly delicious. Thankyou so much

    Rayann , Essex

  314. dorothea

    yes the jogurt is teh best you can get here in Ireland i agree however it says no additives and i just recently saw that there is sugar in it, would it be at all possible making a sugar free one with fruit then i could add honey or xylit or agave syrup at home….. … thank you

    dorothea , dublin

  315. Miroslav

    Fantastic yoghurt and taste of fresh fruit, for some reason Tesco in Clonmel sell only Strawberry, I’ll try another when it becomes available. Best yoghurt in Ireland so far (by my opinion). Good job and good luck!

    Miroslav , Clonmel, Co. Tipperary

  316. Fiona Bourke

    I don’t usually go chasing product on the internet to leave comments, but I have to say, I just discovered this yoghurt and have to say it is outstanding. I have been looking for a nice non-chocolate/sugar overload ‘treat’ having lost 2 stone recently and I guess this is it – I get the treat without the guilt. Well done! Great to see such a fab Irish product too. Now I need to look up my local stockists. Best of luck for continued success.

    Fiona Bourke , Limerick

  317. Orla

    I like to think I have been a customer from the very beginning! My family are completely devoted to the products! My mom is addicted to the raspberry yoghurt, my brother would happily live off the mixed berry cheesecake and my dad’s guilty pleasure is your panna cotta! I myself have tried and tasted ALL your products over the years, but the new mango and passion fruit yoghurt is just scrumptious. Keep the hard work going, its being well appreciated!

    Orla , West Cork


    I just fell in love with your products!!!!I only tried by curiosity and I have to admit I am loving them(so far I tried the yoghourt with raspberry and the dessert with lemon flavor). well done!I was desappointed of most of the dairy products I’e tasted and you just gave me a reason to love them again.the cost is not what you call affordable that Tesco’s prices or can I have them cheaper elsewhere?


  319. Frank

    Love Your Raspberry Yogurts,Why Are Tesco Not Stocking The Small Jars Anymore As I Am Eating 3 500grm Pots Per Day And Works Out Very Expensive

    Frank , Dublin

  320. FAO Norris

    Hi Norris,

    Thanks for your inquiry we love getting them about our cows, we have 55 Frisian and Jersey cows so we use all their milk and the milk from one other neighboring farm!

    FAO Norris , Germany

  321. Liz Carolan

    Just bought your yogurt yesterday absolutely gorgeous,can’t wait to try some more of your products.

    Liz Carolan , Meath

  322. Sharon

    Hi all
    I bought a lot of your delicious products at the BBC good food show yesterday they are like nothing I have tasted divine thank you. I am now a loyal fan.

    Sharon , Essex

  323. fennel

    love the raspberry mousse, I shall be looking out for some other products in future. Please stay as you are and supply the wonderful quality produce we can’t find elsewhere.

    fennel , chorley lancs

  324. Ruth Ruane

    Oh My God! Your Clotted cream is heaven on Earth. Thank you! Im lucky because I am on a weight gain program and every morning I have scones, sugar free raspberry jam and your clotted cream. Its the most amazing cream I have ever tasted in my entire life.

    Ruth Ruane , 48 Fr Griffin Road Galway

  325. Nina

    hi glenilen farm,we just retourned from our irland round journey back to germany. in every city we visited, we get the delicious glenilen lemon cheesecake or the yoghurt in the lovely glasses. it was an perfect ending of every evening. now we miss your products so much and sadly we couldn’t take them with us to germany. the glass of yoghurt now decorates my table with a candle in it to remember the fantastic time we spend in ireland.please expand and supply to germany i think your products would be also well markted here in our town or in the ruhr area, because we have some stores with individual and naturally products which are sold very well, but even without the products you produce. very kind regards, depressed nina

    Nina , Bochum Germany

  326. Aveen

    Absolutely in love with the yogurts raspberry and strawberry they taste amazing …. I buy these in tesco however I have never seen any other products of glenilen in store which is a pity as I would love to try them all…

    Aveen , Tipperary

  327. Emma

    I love your yoghurts so much, especially the little raspberry ones! I eat them as dessert when I’m trying to be healthy! I really want to try the pannacotta too! I look forward to seeing more of Glenilen!

    Emma , Cork

  328. walter hawes

    Just returned from Cork. Loved your yoghurt. Where can I get It? London seems well supplied but not where I live.

    walter hawes , East Anglia

  329. Rachel

    Tried your panna Cotta for the first time today, AMAZING!! Love the raspberry too not too sweet. Your packaging is very nice too, the lid wasn’t on properly though when I took it out of card packaging… still ate it though!
    Just wondering are the glass ramekins oven and freezer proof?
    Best of luck with everything, will definitely try more of your range.

    Rachel , Dublin

  330. Natalia

    Its already my little tradition. Every sunday im buying 4 of raspberry Panna Cotta. All for me !Amazing taste !!! Can’t stop eating !!!

    Natalia , Dublin

  331. Karen

    I just bought some of your strawberry large pot of yogurt. I was excited to try it becuase that I love yogurt and wanted something new. I am allergic to nuts though and forgot to read the package, when I got home it said made in a facility that uses nuts. Is it still safe for me to eat? I am really disappointed I cant. My email is

    Karen , Limerick

  332. Sylvia

    Hi there, we’ve just tried the big pot of your raspberry yoghurt! It’s awsome, the best we’ve ever eaten! Thank you

    Sylvia , Athlone

  333. Curly

    Discovered your products in Dunnes, Newbridge last week and have so far tried the mixed fruit cheesecake and raspberry mousse. Yummy! It’s so nice to be able to buy a good quality Irish product.

    Curly , Kildare

  334. Jo

    Have just tried the new Lemon Posset with some shortbread as suggested. Have to say this is the best dessert I have tasted for a long while. Great texture and creamy with just the right amount of lemon. Good Job Glenilen

    Jo , Petford

  335. Gerardine

    Hi there. I have heard great reports about all your products. Please can you advise if you have any stockists in Edinburgh. Kind Regards, Gerardine

    Gerardine , Edinburgh

  336. Linda James


    I love your small yogurts – only recently discovered them in Booths! Tried looking on your website for ideas on how to reuse the pots. Found the mention of a link on the website but it doesn’t work if you click where it asks you to

    Linda James , Southport

  337. mags clifford

    wonder if ye considered putting rubarb and plum in the big pots,use your in smoothies ,suffer from ibs and find your yoghurt great to calm it down.

    mags clifford , kildorrery co cork

  338. margaret

    Tried your summerfruits cheesecake for the first time today, extremely impresed with flvour, taste and presentation. Please keep up the good work. Thank you.

    margaret , Banteer, Co. Cork

  339. Sam Colville

    These guys have the most amazing products backed up by a fantastic customer service.
    Your yoghurts are the tastiest about, your lemon cheesecake is fresh and zingy, I look forward to trying more of your yummy products.
    Many thanks

    Sam Colville , Cheshire


    National Learning Network Foundation Training group would like to pay a visit to your farm next thursday 16th Febuary at 2pm with a group about 10 adults.With thanks


  341. erica

    OMG! I am addicted! Every 2nd day i’m popping into my local eurospar for your goodies…top of my list are the large yogurts, raspberry mousse and the panna cotta! DELISH!! And i think i have an addiction:)

    erica , kilkenny

  342. Marian Hyland

    Hello there!
    I love rhubarb, but its difficult to find a nice yogurt with rhubarb. Some time ago I was lucky to try one made by you and since then could not even consider buying any other. But… in the past few months I’ve been looking out for your small rhubarb yogurt but the stores in my area don’t ever seem to have it, only strawberry.
    Yesterday I gave in and purchased a strawberry… OMG!!! I don’t even like strawberries and never buy them… but this strawberry yogurt was the most delicious desert I have EVER eaten in my entire life, and i aint too young!!
    It is my first time ever to write to a producer of food, may i wish you all continued success and say thanks to your family for bringing such good clean and fresh tasting food to the Irish Market.
    Marian, Ashbourne

    Marian Hyland , Ashbourne, County Meath

  343. Tatyana

    I just would like to thank you for producing the most fabulous yoghurts. I was shopping in Tesco’s last week and picked up for the first time one of your strawberry and raspberry yoghurts and Oh my god they are delicious! I think this is the nicest I have tasted in years, fresh, natural and may I say the fruits are amazing. I love the fact that they are stored in glass jars as its preserves the flavour not like other brands would use plastic. It actually has inspired me to write to you and say a big thank you for all this beautiful food!
    Kind regards,

    Tatyana , Dublin

  344. FAO Duncan Mitchell

    Hi Duncan,
    Delighted you tried our yoghurt and liked it so much! They will hopefully have more in stock next time and our yoghurts/desserts/butter is also available on Ocado online if you wanted to get them from there! Thanks for leaving a comment,
    Kind Regards,
    Glenilen Farm

    FAO Duncan Mitchell , Lancashire England

  345. Duncan Mitchell

    My usual brand of yoghurt was not in stock so I decided to try an Apple and a Rhubarb from your range. The taste and texture was the best I have ever eaten. They were very enjoyable, thank you very much.
    My only complaint is that I purchased the last two jars from Booths in Scotforth near Lancaster. Could you please send them a few more jars for next Friday when I shop.

    Duncan Mitchell , Lancashire, England

  346. Gavin Cliffe

    Have been a big fan of your cheesecakes (especially the lemon one) since I discovered them in my local Tesco store sometime ago. Trouble is, it now appears they’re no longer stocking them! Any idea why and is there anywhere else that might be selling them locally?

    Gavin Cliffe , Salisbury, Wiltshire

  347. Emer McLysaght

    I love all your products especially the cheesecakes:) Can you buy the butter in Dublin?

    Emer McLysaght , Dublin

  348. Geraldine

    Hi there
    I just wanted to come on you’re website to mention how delicious you’re raspberry large yogurt pot is. Ive just polished a tub off. I only discovered it 2 weeks ago in tesco.
    I will be telling everyone about ye and how totally yum it is.delighted i found it.So just want to say THANKS!!!

    Geraldine , Kerry

  349. Ruth McHale-Eastwood

    I have just eaten one of your yummy yoghurts that I got in Booths supermarket in Windermere last night. Delicious. To be honest I tried it as it was reduced to 69p but I will buy them again even tho 99p is quite expensive but I know you guys prob don’t get a great cut out of that. Will def try all your other stuff. Ruth x

    Ruth McHale-Eastwood , Windermere UK

  350. FAO Anne Gara

    Hi Anne, Thanks for your comment, it’s good to hear you use our products so regulalry! Sorry it was not in stock, we deliver there twice a week so you must have just missed us! We are also in nearby shops like Tesco Merrion, Super Valu Deansgrange

    FAO Anne Gara ,

  351. Anne Gara

    I love your products and I use your yogurt every day. I was so ;dissapointed while shopping at Superquinn Blackrock today and they were out of stock

    Anne Gara , South Co Dublin

  352. Stacey

    Wow, just wow!
    I came across your yoghurts in my local Booths store yesterday, i have just had a jar of your really rather very scrummy (and a bit moreish!) raspberry yoghurt. Oh my days, I have a new love in my life! The jar has come in really handy for my little girl to use whilst painting too!
    Rhubarb tomorrow, I can’t wait!

    Stacey , Preston

  353. FAO Anne Kilgallon

    Hi Anne,
    Great to hear your a fan of our butter! We are in a number of shops in the UK, If you go into out stockist tab you will see them! Our products will also be available on Ocado online by the end of the month if we do not supply a shop near you!
    Kind Regards
    Glenilen Farm

    FAO Anne Kilgallon , Swansea Wales

  354. Anne Kilgallon

    Wow, butter that tastes just like home, my sister sent me some over from Galway

    Anne Kilgallon , Swansea, Wales

  355. FAO Cathy

    Hi Cathy, Thanks for your comments, delighted that you enjoyed our products!! No unfortunately we dont ship to the US, just the UK at the moment!! We will keep you updated if it ever happens! We hope you enjoyed your visit to Ireland! Kind Regards Glenilen Farm

    FAO Cathy ,

  356. Jean

    Hey! I am addicted to your yoghurts. Absolutely amazing. I wish you distributed more in Dublin! Keep up the great work, absolutely class product! :-)

    Jean , Dublin

  357. mel derricott

    I bought one of your lemon cheesecakes from Tesco today and it was fantastic, a lovely lemony zing, and a nice crunchy base, nothing at all like the soggy, bland mush of other manufacturers. I will definately be tasting your other products and can guarantee your cheesecake will become a regular treat for me.

    mel derricott , staffordshire

  358. FAO

    Hi Mark,
    Thank you very much for your kind comments and your support over the last few months! Unfortunately we are not set up here at the farm to take back jars! we do suggest different ways of using them on our facebook if you want some ideas! Have you considered buying the big pots? as you eat them so frequently it may be more cost effective for you! If we do ever set up a tradeback deal we will make sure to keep you informed!!
    Thanks again Mark
    Glenilen Farm

    FAO , Mark D Dublin

  359. Mark D

    Howdy, I’ve been getting 7 of your yoghurts every week for the last couple of months in Tesco – they are lovely and feel healthy and nutritious. Did you ever consider some form of tradeback deal where if a customer send backs a numer of jars they get a week’s worth free? I know you need to weigh the cost of producing a jar vs this but it would reward loyal customers :)

    Mark D , Dublin

  360. colette shannon

    thank you for introducing my three children to the proper taste of real yogurt they are falling over each other to get to the fridge first! we especially love the strawberry,keep up the good work

    colette shannon , kilkenny

  361. FAO Claire

    Hi Claire, Thank you very much for your kind comments. We have explored the idea of a plastic pot however we feel using glass differentiates us slightly on the shop shelf and the yoghurt tastes that bit better from the glass Jar! Thanks again for the comments!!

    FAO Claire , Galway

  362. jacqueline woods

    we stayed in the westbury at the weekend tasted your rhubarb youghurt for the first time fabolous

    jacqueline woods , dundalk

  363. Noreen Casey

    Hi to all of you wonderful people on the farm. We’ve been using your products for a while now having first tasted them while staying at The Savoy Hotel in Limerick. We have occasionally found the yoghurt to have gone fizzy even though the lids hadn’t popped…what do you think?

    Noreen Casey , Clifden

  364. Carmel Lynch

    Tasted your yogurt for the first time to-day. Congratulations to you. It tasted just like yogurt used to taste 35 years ago. I loved it. I like the glass jar too. Well done. Don’t change it.

    Carmel Lynch , Donegal

  365. Stephanie Nolan

    I just wanted to say many thanks to Alan,I am currently doing a food science project and he was extremely obliging in helping me to get an insight into the food industry.Glenilen products,are both delicious and natural and now after having contact with Alan I am even more inclined than before to support the name,and encourage others to aswell.

    Stephanie Nolan , Leixlip

  366. Sally Turner

    Discovered your stall and products at the Masterchef/Good Food Show yesterday at Olympia, and just wanted to say what delicious butter and so beautifully packaged, thoroughly enjoyed it with our supper last night on some lovely bread we had bought at the show too (Sophie Grey – Crazy Baker) We have three yoghurts, a panna cotta pud and the chocolate pud in the fridge to look forward too!! Lovely cold bag too! Great stall, excellent value, friendly people and, going on the butter, delicious high quality produce. Thanks.
    Looking at your leaflet, thought I might have a go at the cheesecake recipe sometime. I prefer to use leaf gelatine and just wondered if this was possible, ? how many leaves? I suppose I could heat the lemon juice in a small saucepan (does the recipe work upping the lemon juice, say 1.5 or 2 lemons?) and then dissolve in the pre-soaked gelatin leaves.
    Kind regards,
    Sally Turner

    Sally Turner , Brentwood, Essex.

  367. Penyo Shilev-Kulesza


    Comming from a country where natural products are extremely popular, it was hard for me to find in Ireland yogurt with a proper taste and texture. Yesterday I’ve tried yogurt made in Glenilen Farm and I must tell you that was the best and the closest to the tougher I know I’ve tasted for the last 8 years. I’m extremely happy that I found you and I will definitely recommend you to all my friends!
    Thank you!



    Penyo Shilev-Kulesza , Portarlington, co. Laois

  368. ella

    just eaten entire large pot of raspberry/plain yogurt, bought it in Chiswick health food shop when passing. Where else do you supply – it was THE BEsT and I’m not exaggerating, it retrieved the day after being stuck in traffic on bus for an hour.

    ella , london

  369. Sharelle

    I have just discovered your fab yoghurt in my local shop. It is absolutely fab…can’t wait to try the rest of your products.

    Sharelle , London

  370. Beverley Keddo

    Just tried your Homemade Lemon Cheesecake – heavenly the flavours were perfect absolutely beautiful just thought I’d share

    Beverley Keddo , Mitcham, Surrey

  371. Chuck Long

    I can find Dubliner cheese here, how about your products??
    Can we visit the farm and see your factory??

    Chuck Long , Wilmore, KY, USA

  372. Sarah Murray

    Much like fiona from Dublin, I have just had my first taste of one of your products and got on the website before i’d even finished it!!! Lemon cheesescake is my favourite desert … OMG! i don’t think i’ve tasted better anywhere. absolutely beautiful.

    Sarah Murray , Banchory, Scotland

  373. Adrian

    Since I was a child spending holidays in small village I never ate so tasty butter. Now I was in Cork and tried Your. Me and my girlfriend was so surprised of Your butter and Yoghurt as well that we cant stand any more and thinking of moving to Ireland because of that.

    Adrian , London, UK

  374. eileen

    Mother of God, the nicest yoghurt i have ever ever eaten in my life. I bought the little glass pots and then moved up to the Large tubs…and they’re not large enough. fantastic!

    eileen , killorglin

  375. Aine

    Have always been a fan of your yoghurts for the past year or two but I have just tried your chocolate cream

    Aine , Limerick

  376. Margaret Moriarty

    why is the pannacotta not available in Tesco all the time? Got it here once or twice and now i never see it on the shelves.

    Margaret Moriarty , Dublin

  377. Caoimhe

    Hello, i’m far to big a fan of your cheesecake, just typing this and thinking about it is making my mouth water! I would love to get an indication of your recipe, I’m a bit of a cook book junkie, but have never come across a cheesecake as good as yours (and cheesecake’s my favourite cake!) I’d love to have a go at making one.

    Caoimhe , Dublin

  378. Joe and Maeve McCarthy

    People from Drimoleague were trilled to discover that Glenilen Farm Butter fit for a Queen was available for Niamh McCarthy and Michael O’Flaherty’s wedding which was held at Fota Island Hotel Cork on 29 July 2011.

    Joe and Maeve McCarthy , Cork

  379. Avril

    Hi Mary-Beth from the USA! We are still not available in the USA but we will keep you posted. Thanks so much for your comments. Avril and the Gang from Glenilen Farm

    Avril , Glenilen Farm

  380. rosemary thompson

    I have recently stayed in The Lough Eske Castle Hotel in Donegal where I was delighted to enjoy your yoghurt at breakfast time. I thought it was wonderful and would love to be able to buy it and your other products in N Ireland. Can you please tell me where I might find them, and if they’re not yet available, please can you make it so soon?

    rosemary thompson , Bangor, Co. Down

  381. Jan Hoare

    I have just bought one of your lemon cheesecakes from our local Tesco. I have eaten for my lunch and I have to say – it was delicious! Thank you – it won’t be the last one I buy!!!

    Jan Hoare , Minehead, Somerset, England

  382. Eddie

    It’s almost impossible to find clotted cream in Ireland, luckily I found yours in Avoca, and I have to say it’s one of the very best. I hope it finds its way to more stores!

    Eddie , Dublin

  383. Mary Beth

    On a recent trip to Ireland I ate your yoghurt (raspberry, strawberry and rhubarb) It was truly awesome!!! Any chance we will ever be able to get it in the US?

    Mary Beth , New York, NY

  384. Ira

    The strawberries and yogurt are fantastic!! Wish I would have bought more than one tub!! Hadn’t tried your products before and based my choice purely on the level carbs in your yogurt, as it is lower than others. A decision that I don’t regret. Will be trying more of your products for sure!!

    Ira , Dublin

  385. jacquie

    lemon cheesecake too rich and tasted artificial, left me feeling a bit sick after a few mouthfulls. what a shame !!

    jacquie , london

  386. Sheila

    Loved your Baileys Cheesecake today, its the first shop-bought cheesecake where we liked the base and could taste the Baileys. Nice packaging too. Well done.

    When will you start doing low calorie varieties?????

    Sheila , Sligo

  387. Pamela Smith


    I had the absolute pleasure of eating your yogurt while in Ireland for the past week. Do you sell your products in the United States? Thanks and best,
    Pamela Smith

    Pamela Smith , New York City

  388. Kohli Flick

    On a recent trip to Ireland my family and I ate your fantastic products every day. We were sad to leave them behind. They were by far the best yoghurt that any of us had ever had. I can barley talk about how wonderful the chocolate and raspberry were. Best of luck!

    Kohli Flick , Baltimore, Maryland USA

  389. emma bateman

    OMG my granny buys the summerfruit cheesecake every sunday and I eat most of it Yours sincerly your relations

    emma bateman , ballinhassig

  390. Jo Discombe

    Bought in Tesco Shrewsbury today – Lemon Cheesecake and Summerfruit Cheesecake, nice and tart, good biscuit, decent portion too – thank you

    Jo Discombe , Shropshire

  391. Debie Delaney

    Your yoghurt is the best I’ve ever tasted- in the world. I bought it everyday and hope you bring it to Australia. Debie Delaney Sydney

    Debie Delaney , Australia

  392. Denise

    I just want to say we recently stayed in the Cliff house hotel in waterford and for breakfast they serve us up a pot of your delicious yoghurt. (I have never liked Yoghurt) and really impressed

    Denise , Kildare

  393. frank kingston

    I recently had your Irish cream liqueur cheesecake at a family party,it was wonderful ,keep up the good work .My father came from Touraheen,Drimoleague,I wonder if we are related ?

    frank kingston , ballymacoda co cork

  394. Edel

    I have recently found your products and can only say they are just gorgeous. I especially love the Summerberries and Apple yoghurts. If there was a way you could make the Apple available in the larger size, I would be so happy.
    Keep up the good work.

    Edel , Galway

  395. Mary Leona Kingston Dick

    I just wanted to say ‘Hello’. I was searching the family history and found my way to your site. Your farm sounds lovely. All best wishes to you from a very distant cousin.

    Mary Leona Kingston Dick , Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada

  396. Kelly Wenrich

    I was touring Ireland and discovered your summerberries yogurt. It is the best I have ever tasted and bought some everyday!!! I beg you to please export to the US.

    Kelly Wenrich , Maryland USA

  397. Fionn andrews

    Unreal products pity not more of them type of things around.well done and keep’er lite

    Fionn andrews , Oldtown, co dublin

  398. Mr. C

    Had your Lemon Cheescake. Lovely flavours. Just one thing, the proportions were a bit off for my liking. There was far too much topping as opposed to biscuit bash. A good ratio is essential. A bare thin layer of base covered in lashings of cheese is not enough, in my oppinion.

    Mr. C , Wexford

  399. tadgh

    I recen tly discovered your large youghurts
    they are amazing and ive told a lot of people about these youghurts and they are delighted with them

    well done i wish you continued sucess in the future and keep up the great work

    tadgh , west cork

  400. mairead

    Saw you guys on TV3 last night, well done you came across fabulous!! I love your products right down to the packaging which is such a lovely design!!

    mairead , Tipperary

  401. susan mccourt

    Hi, We buy your yoghurt and I was just wondering, is there some way I could return the glass pots to you, (as a donation, not for money). It seems a shame to throw them in the recycling bin, if you could recycle them again! Anything that can help small businesses!
    Yours sincerely, Susan McCourt

    susan mccourt , cork

  402. Charlotte Harrop

    I am a bit of a cheesecake addict and if I see a new one I have to have it! Your cheesecakes are delicious. Really scrummy and honest. I think you should do a linited edition lemon one that has a swirl of boysenberry on top! yum.

    Charlotte Harrop , Manchester

  403. teresa

    I love your cheesecakes, delicious, and the packaging that they come in are very handy, i have re used the packaging again and again, and if you wouldnt mind where could i get packaging like it
    Love your produce, customer for life

    teresa , cork

  404. Brenda

    I thought I tasted the ‘nicest’ Lemonade when I worked in USA…until I tasted your Lemonade at ‘Bloom’!! It was Dee-licious! ;-) Not surprised tho, as Glenilen Farm yogurts are amazing also!

    Best of Luck with it, keep making it anyway!! :)

    Brenda , Cork

  405. Marta Karcz

    I truly adore your small yoghurt pots – the flavour of the compotes and the yoghurt itself are as they should be – genuine. And the butter – oh my! The real stuff as well – yellowish, buttery, gorgeous.
    Please. see here for more comments:
    And may I ask – I tried to click on the option how to re-use the pots but it seems inactive – are they oven proof by any chance?

    Kindest regards,


    Marta Karcz , London

  406. Frances O'Dwyer

    Tried your yoghurts, whow the rhubarb was just like you would cook yourself not over sweet and loved the raspberry will be trying other.
    Just one thing I saw that some of the labels had come off some of the wee jars on the shelf maybe you should try and make them more adhesive. Best of luck in the future you have a fan in me :) and ill be telling friends

    Frances O’Dwyer , Donegal

  407. Ruth Hegarty

    I love your natural yoghurt, it’s absolutely fab…. Just tried a small lemon cheesecake but thought that it could be better. Base was’nt crunchy and I think it could be a bit thicker. I also thought that the lemon was too sharp in the topping.

    Ruth Hegarty , Sligo

  408. Catherine

    A selection of your products have just appeared in our local supermarket. At this stage I’ve tried the creme fraiche, your raspberry mousse, the clotted cream, your gorgeous panacotta and have your farmhouse butter to try too. All delicious – thank you very much.

    Catherine , Donegal

  409. Nikki

    I’ve just bought a range of your yoghurts from Wholefoods in London and they are definitely the best yoghurts I’ve ever tasted. Is there any way you can sell in them in Bristol? We have a Waitrose here (but I see you only supply the ones in London) and lots of independent delis

    Nikki , Bristol

  410. Susan Stuart

    Your butter is delicious with everything, but especially with baked floury potatoes. Thank-you.

    Susan Stuart , Glasgow

  411. olwyn

    i would just like to say that your products are the bom-diggat-ie !! and i absolutely love haveing them stocked up in our fridge. we lately tried your new

    olwyn , Bandon

  412. Rebecca

    I picked up one of your handmade lemon cheesecake from my local Tesco and it is the first of your products I tried, I must comment on how delicious it was. I will definitely buy it again and also look out for more products. I have seen previous comments about the lemon cheesecake and it being too tart but I think it is spot on and exactly how a lemon cheesecake should be, zesty and refreshing! very yummy.

    Rebecca , Brighouse, West Yorkshire

  413. Carol Dalton

    Oh my god I tasted your rhubarb yogurt this morning for my breakfast, it was to die for, I have never written a review before but once I tasted it I just had to goolge your farm right away and pass on my appreciation. I have been telling anyone who will listen about your fabulous yoghurt and I hope to try more of your products asap! I wish you every success for the future..

    Carol Dalton , Rathdowney

  414. Amanda O'Faoilean

    We tried your White Chocolate and Raspberry Cheesecake and absolutely LOVED LOVED LOVED it! Really delicious and tasty and I was very impressed with your list of ingredients with no additives, or enumbers! The only criticism I would have is the price, particularly for that size of cheescake, we feel its a tad overpriced. On the down side, I then tried your Summerfruits cheesecake and it was DISGUSTING! Really really tart with a synthetic, bitter aftertaste. We were very surprised, in a bad way, as the chocolate and raspberry version was to die for, so it was totally disappointing. We have also tried your choc pots with the raspberry coulis and found them nice, though not in the league of the white choc and rasp cheesecake! Looking forward to trying the vanilla panacotta desserts! Just wondering if there are any you would do in the low fat range, particularly in a cheesecake, of course, without compromising on the flavour / taste!!!!!!!!

    Amanda O’Faoilean , Dublin


    To whom it may concern
    Thank you for the lovely plum yoghurt, fresh from the farm yesterday 5.5.11. I was travelling with Patrick (Griffin Foods). Probably the best tasting yoghurt i have ever tried. I am going to try and buy the products over here in Cheshire. I had never heard of them before, so maybe more advertising would be an advantage. Jan. Warrington x , Warrington Cheshire.

  416. Jane Peacock

    I was very disappointed by you lemon cheesecake. It was very seem to have too much gelatin and not enough taste slightly bitter too.

    Jane Peacock , Leeds

  417. Eithne Murray

    I love your yogurts. Buy them all the time in Superquinn and when they run out I am always devistated. Congrats on great products

    Eithne Murray , Dublin

  418. Andrew Wood

    Saw your small Summerfruits cheesecake in Tesco, thought it looked good. However, it’s probably the worst tasting cheesecake I’ve ever had. The berries were so sour to the point of tasting off. Had to throw it away even though it was well in date (24 March)

    Andrew Wood , Stratford-upon-Avon

  419. Shivangi Gohil

    Just brought one of your Lemon cheesecakes and there are no words to describe how delicious this dessert is…..i am amazed at its taste……its fresh, full of flavour and i’m so glad i brought two lol
    Keep it up people Glenilen Farm….you rock.

    Shivangi Gohil , Gloucester

  420. Fiona


    I NEVER write to people or companies to comment on food but today I just had to. Your Lemon Cheesecake is just amazing. Takes me back to when my Grandma was alive and used to make it; tastes just like hers and so rest assured I will be buying more and having this as my weekly treat!

    Thank you

    Fiona McDonald

    Fiona , Berks, UK

  421. L MacLarty

    The lemon cheescake has a lovely texture and the base is great but the lemon cheese has a really bitter aftertaste in each mouthful which I really didnt enjoy! Sorry!

    L MacLarty , Ross-shire

  422. Ursula C. McIntyre

    Just tried your phantastic Yoghurt (Rhubarb) again- I am absolutely addicted- Wonderful, absolutely seductive and perfect! DANONE- eat your heart out. This is the best I’ve ever tasted ! Thanks!

    Ursula C. McIntyre , Blackrock, Co. Louth

  423. aimee

    Your lemon cheese cake is the best thing ive ever tasted!! I think i have had one everyday for a fortnight!! Please NEVER stop making them!!

    aimee , Stevenage

  424. Declan Glynn

    I have only recently come across your range of ‘Natural Probiotic Yoghurts’ and I have to say that they easily beat any offering from any other competitor. I absolutely love your Rhubarb Yoghurt. I have a Strawberry Yoghurt here in front of me at the moment and I am really looking forward to trying it out. I am definitely going to be a customer for life and I will recommend your range to all my friends and family. It is great to see a family run business doing so well. Continued success to all involved for the years ahead. Regards. Declan Glynnm

    Declan Glynn , Baldonnell, Dublin

  425. Alice Leonard

    I want to take this moment to thank you so much for making these products taht give me a reason to get up everyday. I would love to come over and meet ye sometime and have some cheesecake. Please let me know if you can make this possible, because if you can, you have made my life.

    Alice Leonard , Skibbereen

  426. Anne Quinn

    I’ve just eaten my first Glenilen Farm yoghurt and absolutely LOVED it!!! Can’t believe I’ve gone on to your website to tell you this, but can’t remember the last time I enjoyed a new product so much. Love the packaging as well, you’ve just found youself a new, loyal and very satisfied customer :-D

    Anne Quinn , Galway

  427. lorraine

    Re; lemon cheesecake
    although very nice the lemon topping is more like a moose then a cheesecake.It was very tasty and delicious

    lorraine , north london

  428. Joe Bailey Cole

    I have been buying Normandy butter for years and the Waitrose introduced me to yours. Wow! I love your country butter, the taste, the smooth texture, the packaging – everything about it. Au revoir France!

    Joe Bailey Cole , Kensington, London, UK

  429. philippa white

    I love all your products, especially your yogurts and the fact Dunnes Stores stocks them makes them very accessible. Well done, so happy to see an Irish product top all the imports for quality.

    philippa white , dublin

  430. Amanda Crombie

    Your raspberry yoghurt is divine…I can’t wait to try your other products as well!

    Amanda Crombie , London

  431. David Mitchard

    Your yoghurt is the best yoghurt I have ever tasted, with a perfect sourness and texture, not too sweet or thick. I always eat a whole large tub in one go.

    David Mitchard , London

  432. Emily-Rose Cowap

    I love these products. They make me feel good about myself after a hard day of being Ginger.

    Emily-Rose Cowap , Skibbereen

  433. Mairead O Driscoll

    Your cheesecakes are toz nummmy
    :) i could eat them till it came out my ears ;) keep up the good work :D

    Mairead O Driscoll , Skibbereen

  434. Katherine Best

    Tried your lemon cheesecake absloutely fab. Really zingy lemon and the texture was like eating a New York cheesecake. Looking forward to enjoying more of your range.

    Katherine Best , Gloucestershire

  435. Margaret O' Donovan

    Your products are AMAZING. Everytime i try a different product my taste buds go WILD! The tingling sensation I experience when I put the spoon to my mouth is just mouth watering. Please give me more. Leap has a small convenience store, please consider delivering there! I’m going to visit ye some day with my school, Can’t wait to see you, Free products for your biggest fan?:) J’attends avec impatience. Margaret.

    Margaret O’ Donovan , Leap, Co. Cork

  436. Kate French

    Please, please, please extent your UK stockists. My family are great fans of Glenulen products from our many trip to West Cork over the years. We are delighted that you are exporting to the UK but would really like them to be a bit closer. We have two Waitrose stores in the vacinity and I will lobby both of those to stock your products. Keep up the fantiatic work in producing lovely products.

    Kate French , nr Cheltenham UK

  437. Tracy Jennings

    Handmade Lemon cheesecake – yummy in my tummy. So glad you got your products into the main supermarket. Carry on the good work!

    Tracy Jennings , Milton Keynes

  438. Kristina Laucyte

    Hi guys,

    I got a small yogurt sample in a Food Show this Sunday and I can honestly say that this was the best yogurt I have ever tried and I am self confessed yogurtaholic :)
    Thank you and Good luck :)

    Kristina Laucyte , London

  439. Renata

    I had fallen in love with your yoghurt, natural, probiotic with skimmed milk and strawberries. It is so rich in taste.. Its like ice creams but much better because without tons of chemicals:) And your cheesecakes are lovely, too. Go raibh maith agaibh. I wish you to prosper and save people from GMO food:)

    Renata , Cork

  440. @dubaisavers

    RT@Dubaisavers:WHY RSSCLOUD SAVANTS DON’T RUN PROFITABLE COMPANIES – “@davewiner: Look at what people pay $$ for and make news like that.” # Dave Winer

    @dubaisavers , dubai

  441. Caitriona O'Reilly

    Just had you Handmade Vanilla Panna Cotta – agh man its a WOW !!! Love it ! Can’t wait to sample your other products !!!

    Caitriona O’Reilly , Tulla, Co. Clare

  442. Niamh and Graeme Stein

    Your vanilla panna cotta is one of the nicest things we’ve ever tasted!! They are one of our favourite post run treats. Please, please can you make them in the large cheesecake size. We think this would really help our marathon training!!!

    Niamh and Graeme Stein , Celbridge, Co. Kildare

  443. Quentin Bruneau

    Thank you very much for all did you do for me. I enjoyed this 3 weeks work placement in Glenilen Farm. See You

    Quentin Bruneau , Surg

  444. Katherine

    Mmmmmm-yummy. The best yogurt I have ever eaten, and I have eaten a lot of yogurt. It’s so nice to find something so natural that taste so wonderful. Rasberry is my favourite….thank you for making such great products and may you thrive!


    PS I am saving the jars to use as candleholders strung from the trees in my garden in France, where we’re moving soon. But what will I do without Glenilen products?

    Katherine , Galway

  445. Lisa Mullee

    Just wanted to say I think your products are absolutely delicious, I sincerely hope business is booming so I can continue to enjoy the fruits of it,


    Lisa Mullee , Galway

  446. Siobhan Vaughan

    Your new desserts are gorgeous particularly the vanilla panna cota which I think is probably the nicest thing I have ever eaten!!!

    Siobhan Vaughan , Kilnamartyra

  447. Paddy Larkin

    Had one of your yoghurt today, bought in Supervalu loughrea. Wonderful, keep up the good work. Good luck long may you continue with your products. Paddy Larkin

    Paddy Larkin , Loughrea

  448. sarah attridge

    i love adore you foods for years,, a big fan and beatrice my daughter loves the yougorts,, been to your bonfires twice,, great people there to pray with and trust,,, love sarah ,,,

    sarah attridge , schull

  449. Greg Mooney

    Just discovered your brand on Ear to the Ground, I will be looking out for your products in the supermarkets from here on, I like your story and how you came to be a successful business, inspirational.

    Greg Mooney , Offaly

  450. Carol Reynolds

    HELLO Valerie and Alan,
    We all love your dessert products and yogurts but I have a question for you. Are you related to the Dukelows also from your part of the world? I had thought you were so we often call your cheesecakes our family desserts as my uncle is Sam Dukelow adn his sister married a Kingston and he is now living in Omagh (but still with a west Cork accent) Great to see your support of Fields of Life also. Keep up the good work- yum! Carol

    Carol Reynolds , Bray

  451. Mary O'Brien

    Dear Glenilen,
    My 85 year old uncle bought your Lemon Cheesecake today for dessert.
    It was sensational.
    Handmade, fresh ingredients, no additives or preservaties,
    Keep them coming.

    Mary O’Brien , Dublin

  452. Phil Young

    I can’t get enough of your yogurts and your cheesecakes – they are the best ever! Congratulations and continued success. Being originally from West Cork myself, I feel very proud of you!

    Phil Young , Dublin

  453. Lyneve wood

    i sampled your yoghurt whilst staying at a hotel. i have to say it is delicious and so nice not to be in plastic containers. Well done for this quality product!

    Lyneve wood , tyrone

  454. damian

    bought your cheesecake last night terrible waste of money natural doesn’t have to mean sour and bitter most desserts are sweet perhaps i would have enjoyed natural yogurt and a biscuit more

    damian , arklow co.wicklow

  455. melanie holiday

    i visited ireland this last summer and had your yougurt i have been unable to find anything even close to your product

    melanie holiday , fort collins co united states

  456. Laura

    Your raspberry yoghurts are absolutely gorgeous, just tried a rhubarb one today, fabulous…looking forward to trying out the whole range of products. Keep up the good work :)

    Laura , Limerick

  457. John Schmid

    Hello Alan & Valerie,
    We are sitting at the Dublin airport waiting for our flight to Germany and are eating Glenilen Strawberry yogurt! Lydia saw it in one of the shops and bought me a treat. It was so good to see you folks again. We hope to see you in Berlin, Ohio one of these days. -John Schmid

    John Schmid , Dublin Airport

  458. david morris

    Sampled your summerfruit cheesecake some
    4 years ago (purchased at Brosnans) and
    been looking forward to a repeat treat on return to Schull this month.
    Please to say its still Yum !
    Congratulations on maintaining your high standard of product quality

    david morris , Bristol

  459. Amy J

    Mmmmmmm hunz sooo tasty !! Your products are truly yummy yummy in my tummy :)
    My friend uses the glass jar for her sticky jam!! lol

    Amy J , Gortroe, Leap

  460. Patricia

    Well done on your great stand and produce at the 2010 Ploughing Championship. My husband was there and brought home your white chocolate and raspberry cheesecake-yum, to die for! Continued success.

    Patricia , Galway

  461. Helen O Connor

    I Would like to wish you and your company all the luck and prosperity in the world.You listen to your customers And were very fair when you dealt with me in the past.I hope you do really well in the uk your product are always in my shopping basket and not only represent good value are also a quality produce.Keep up the good work.Helen Limerick

    Helen O Connor , Limerick

  462. Chris

    I totally addicted to your strawberry Yogurts, they are the best ones I have ever tasted! Keep up the good work.

    Chris , London

  463. madi

    im sending a message to ur address because of school i need to find a product and send a message i decided to send one to you because i wnet to the farm on a school trip had so much fun and because the farm is near bantry hope to get a letter back please! :)

    madi , bantry

  464. Bee's Teas Dingle

    Delighted to see your delicious clotted cream is not only spread on our homemade scones in Dingle but is now for sale across the water in London!We’ve had many an englishman/woman ask where can they buy it after sampling it in Bee’s Teas so now we can proudly say its in England too
    All the best Bee’s Teas x

    Bee’s Teas Dingle , Dingle, Co.Kerry

  465. Dagmar

    I spent my holiday in wonderful Ireland and I tasted your magnificient products.
    You are very able people and I am sad that you are so far…

    Dagmar , Prague, Czech Rep.

  466. Eleanor Morgan

    Came across your website! Love it! im studying graphic design and love the way that the continuos rough farm texture is shown throughout! :)

    Eleanor Morgan , New Zealand

  467. mark foley

    we buy the small glass pots of yogurt at the weekend as a treat.they are devoured in no time.during the week we purchase a cheaper brand of yougurt . would it be possible for glenilen to produce yogurt in a cheaper container such as a plastic jar in stead of glass to help reduce the price.

    mark foley , clonmel

  468. Nikki McVeigh

    Your yogurts are amazing!! Particularly the raspberry-I am totally addicted. I cant seem to get them locally tho. :(

    Nikki McVeigh , Enniskillen, Co.Fermanagh

  469. annette

    I HAVE FOUND MY YOGURT! I can’t believe my luck – I never used to like yogurts (and I have tried them all) until I got one of yours. The raspberry one. I am so hooked on it I haven’t even got round to sampling the others. Thank you so much. I am hoping this wins the ‘letter of the week’ so I can win a year’s supply!

    annette , galway

  470. ganesh punitha

    first time am tasting such a wonderful/delicious raspberry yoghurt, haven’t tasted one before this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i do join my friends 2 wish U a great success

    ganesh punitha , bantry, west cork, ireland

  471. Carol

    Tasted your Summerfruits cheescake today. OMG to die for – would get up in
    the middle of the night for it. Keep up the great work and looking forward to tasting more of your products.

    Carol , Meath

  472. Anna

    We recently spent a weekend in the luxurious Cliff House Hotel in Ardmore in Waterford and we were served fresh fruit salad with Glenilen Natural Yogurt for breakfast, what a lovely surprise!

    Anna , Courtmacsherry

  473. Edmund

    Just returned from our Annual Trip to West Cork, an important part of which is to eat your lovely Cheesecakes and Yoghurts. Keep up the good work!

    Edmund , Germany

  474. Philipp Rahn

    Very much enjoy the small pots of rhubarb yoghurt which I get at Hanley at the Bar in Church St Dublin 8. However they charge €3 for a small pot. Where else in Dublin can I get your products and what is the RRP? €3 for a small pot seems very dear. Great product.

    Philipp Rahn , Dublin

  475. maria

    was thrilled today to see super valu on the howth rd stocking your product. love them. used to buy them when i worked out in howth

    maria , dublin

  476. Darren

    I would like thank all at Glen Ilen for their wonderful refreshing yoghurt and cheesecake yesterday during the West Cork 200 Cycle 2010. It was a welcome treat after already having cycled 152km and got me and everyone the rest of the 61km home! A very kind and generous gesture on such a warm and beautiful day. Look forward to 2011 (fingers crossed:) ). Thanks to Alan

    Darren , Mallow (but comes from Leitra, Castledonovan)

  477. Olivia

    Hi, Just found the glenilen natural yoghurts with fruit and they are by far the yummiest, creamiest yoghurts I’ve tasted. The fact they are probiotic is a bonus. Love the little glass jar they come in!

    Olivia , Kilkenny

  478. Sylva

    Hey guys,
    there’s nothing better than your plum and strawberry yoghurts :))) I was wondering, do you want to re-use the little jars or shall I just keep on recycling them?

    Sylva , Bantry, Co. Cork

  479. Colette

    I have just discovered your lemon cheesecake in Tesco. Its absolutely delicious. Well done for getting your products into the big supermarkets, as well as the specialist delis. No mean feat for a small producer. Well done, and keep it up.

    Colette , Co. Louth

  480. Lizzy

    Jummy desert indeed: we just enjoyed your delicious berry cheesecake!
    I purchased it today at Ennis Butchers in Rialto, Dublin 8 (by the way he is not on your stockist list).

    Lizzy , Dublin

  481. Peter Lawson

    Tasted Glenilen lemon cheesecake today for the first time, absolutely delicious.I would be interested to know if one of your Kingston forebears provided hospitality to a weary young Englishman man, John W. in his twenties travelling alone on horseback in 1752 ? Rivers are a particularly good power source being less visually intrusive than Wind farms and working year round 24/7.

    Peter Lawson , Fountainstown

  482. Michele

    Have just been given a gift of your superb clotted cream, just excellent! I’m married to a Devon man and haven’t been able to buy clotted cream since we lived in the UK. In fact, I’ve had to make my own and it’s ok but not in the same league as yours: your cheesecakes and mousses are pretty damn good too but hats off to you for the clotted cream! I wish you every possible success and I’ll be going out of my way to buy your produce-thank you for a marvellous treat.

    Michele , Wicklow

  483. Ger from

    I bought the glass jar strawberry yoghurts for my 8 month old the other day. He LOVES them. Thank you for bringing such a cracking product to the market. Can we get the full range in the Tesco

    Ger from , Athlone

  484. Orlaith

    I’ve been a fan of your cheesecake for a while, but I just had a strawberry yoghurt. It was AMAZING.
    My only complaint is that you don’t make small strawberry cheesecakes :-( Strawberry is my favorite flavour but I don’t want to buy a large one just for myself.

    Orlaith , Limerick

  485. Belinda

    Had a delicious strawberry cheesecake from yourselves , last night. Also got some reaspberry mousse in the fridge.
    Love your products.

    Belinda , Dublin

  486. veronig

    You have a very pleasant and well done web site. I’d love to taste your products just visiting it. Too bad you’re so far :)

    veronig , Brittany

  487. eamonn douglas

    not able to purchase your products on the northside of dublin if we are will you let us know would like very much to try your products

    eamonn douglas , whitehall dublin 9

  488. Loretta

    Just had one of ur cheesecakes and it was to die for, fab fab fab. Keep up the great work, gonna look for more of ur products.

    Loretta , Galway

  489. lucy

    I love your products!!!!! Im doing a project on glenilen at the moment in school. Keep up the good work! :)

    lucy , Dublin

  490. Heather Mitchell

    Just returned from weekend at G hotel Galway where I sampled your aLpple and natural youghurt – delicious. Had never heard or seen your products before. Do you supply any shops in my area Londonderry/Tyrone as I am very keen to try more of your products?

    Heather Mitchell , Strabane Co. Tyrone


    i just love your natural sugar free yogurt I use it for breakfast over fresh fruit and seeds.DELICIOUS. or just on its own.


  492. pat keohane

    Well done you guys, you are doing a great job. I can see that you will go from strength to strength.

    pat keohane , Drimoleague


    Just a message to say hello and a huge congratulations on such a great brand and products! Wishing you all a Happy Easter and hope to see you sometime soon. R


  494. Maro

    Just had your delicious strawberry cheesecake…yum yum. I’m not a desert person but it was fab – really creamy and a lots of fresh strawberry. It’s a shame that I just discovered the push-up base when my guests had left as I could have passed if off as my own but for the little case. It would be useful to have the ‘push-up’ picture visible on the top of th packaging rather than underneath. Great value too. Well done. M

    Maro , Dublin

  495. Hazel Whyte

    I sampled your products on my visit to West Cork approx 1 year ago and on every visit since I make sure and stock up on Mousse, Cheescake and Yoghurt before I go back home to the midlands. I need to find stockists in the Midlands!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can you advise me????

    Hazel Whyte , Westmeath

  496. Kitty

    I adore your clotted cream please don’t stop making it because it’s so good and it’s usually impossible to find clotted cream in Ireland.

    I love all your products and I’m excited to try out your products everytime my local shop gets something new in. I’m even excited about trying your butter.

    Kitty , Galway

  497. Tomo

    My dear friend Steve from Dublin has already made a comment onbehalf about your products. But let me say how GOOOOOOD your strawberry cheesecake is from myself!!
    Since I have visited Ireland last I have introduced your products (from Selfridges) to my friends, my company bosses and colleagues and my clients. And 10 out of 10 impressed incredibly with it and in fact they have rushed into Selfridges to purchse it. OMG the texture and the flavour… So addictive.
    Good luck with your future and please do not stop selling in Selfridges!!

    Tomo , London

  498. Kyle

    Love the strawberry cheesecake! Would eat a whole one by myself if my stomach allowed for it! Well done, and loving the website and marketing!

    Kyle , Limerick

  499. Sinead Dunne

    I recently bought a large pot of your raspberry yogurt in Avoca Handweaver. Wow, it was fabulous. Am delighted to see that you stock it in my local Dunnes Stores in Portlaoise. I will definitely be buying it. Keep up the good work.

    Sinead Dunne , Laois

  500. Patricia Dunne

    I have just discovered your irish cream liqueur cheesecake and its delightful, so creamy, and yes i can taste the liqueur.And the push up base is brilliant as it allows me to slide it onto a serving plate and take it to the table. looking forward to trying other products you manufacture.

    Patricia Dunne , Westmeath

  501. Mary

    I stayed in the Merrion hotel Dublin at the weekend and had some yoghurts which were delious. Could you get Tesco in Cookstown to start supplying your products?

    Mary , Co Tyrone

  502. Jill

    Your Raspberry Yoghurt rocks my world! I’ve been addicted to it for some time now. Your large pots are so reasonably priced for such a high quality product, problem is that I tend to eat the whole pot in none or two sittings as it’s just too delicious to stop!

    Jill , Dublin

  503. Alicja Tychulko

    great flavor, raspberry yogurt simply melts in the mouth,
    Well done, I wish you all the best for the future

    Alicja Tychulko , Cork City

  504. Dace

    I and my boyfriend like your delicious rasperry mousse, we are buying it the nearest Supervalu each day. In future we will try cheesecake. Yummy food!!!
    Best for you!

    Dace , Clonmel

  505. Eimear and Sarah

    We are current doing a project and as part of it we have been tasting all products. Very nice! Well done!

    Eimear and Sarah , Skibb

  506. Jim

    i’ve tasted nothing better in cheesecakes or the fabulous mouses not to mention the wonderful clotted cream!

    Jim , Durrus

  507. Gill Christensen (Kingston)

    I haven’t tried your products yet but my brother says the cheescake is wonderful. Will have to go to Selfridges to try. I think we’re related!

    Gill Christensen (Kingston) , Barnes, London

  508. Steve

    Guys, your cheesecake is bloody amazing! I have instructed a friend to try it, now she has sought it out in London (Selfridges) and is in the process of converting all her friends!

    It really is a fine product, and in this day and age that is a rare thing indeed. DONT EVER CHANGE!


    Steve , Dublin

  509. Anne

    Love your no added sugar yoghurts esp the rhubarb. Can you make it in a big pot please so I can indulge some more.

    Anne , Kerry

  510. Robin Smith

    I am descended from Catherine Kingston of Drimoleague and will be visiting Ireland in April – would love to visit this lovely farm and meet you.

    Robin, We’d be delighted to see, ring when you get to Ireland.

    Robin Smith , CT, US

  511. Maureen

    Recently found your cream by accident, and the quality was so far ahead of anything else that now I am hooked on your products! Thanks for the wonderful taste.

    Maureen , Dublin

  512. Ana Paula

    I just had your strawberry natural probiotic yoghurt and as soon as I finished it I had to visit your site!
    I just loved the taste of the yoghurt. I enjoyed it so much!It’s delicious!!! I’m so proud to see yourselves doing a such good work. The site is just Fab!

    Ana Paula , Cork

  513. wyn

    just enjoyed your strawberry cheesecake from should do well in the uk with such a fabulous product,we just have too much factory crap here!

    wyn , carmarthen wales

  514. Emily

    OMG I’m in love! Had some of your lemon cheesecake (when I say some I mean half a cake) over New Year

    Emily , Edenderry

  515. David

    I got the Apple and Blackberry yoghurt in the Beacon court Dunnes Stores and it was delicious! I also got the plain yogurt and like it that i could eat it on it’s own, normally with plain yogurts i couldn’t stand it on it’s own at all. I’ll be trying more of Glenilen farm products next time. Good job.

    David , Dublin

  516. J Alvarez

    Is there any way to get your products to the U.S.? I would love to try your products after reading all the great things people are saying. We need a simple organic new product to hit the states.


    J Alvarez , Temecula, CA

  517. Martin Slocinski

    Your site is beautiful. Only so much I can say. Products, unfortunately I had no opportunity to try.
    All the Best.

    Martin Slocinski , Sosnowiec, Poland

  518. daniele sechet-morgan

    Your double cream is just a God’sent. It is divine. Do you know where I could buy some raw milk? All milk is now homogenised and pasteurised and horrible. I have to treat myself with milk when I go to France or London. In Harrodds they sell Organic Jersey milk from Ivy House farm. Like your cream it is a real treat, but it is a bit far to go just to get milk. There must be some places in Dublin where one can buy untreated milk.
    Thanks. Daniele

    daniele sechet-morgan , Glenageary Co Dublin

  519. Neil

    Hi, I’ve just eaten one of your strawberry and probiotic yoghurts. It is so nice to see products on the shelf that guarantee natural ingredients and a bit of thought and effort going into packaging. I don’t mind paying extra for quality homemade products like these. Very satisfied and will buy again.

    Neil , Offaly

  520. Johnny

    Hello from Alabama! It is the middle of the night and I am reading your blog and loving it.

    And i usually play

    Johnny , Alabama

  521. Ashley

    Nice site. I look forward to trying your products when I’m in Ireland next summer. :)

    Ashley , Portland, Oregon, USA

  522. Monika

    I never miss the opportunity to buy your butter. Amazing. My husband loves it with some home made rye bread. Nothing else, just bread and your butter… And as a treat, your yoghurt with plum. Best of luck with your business!

    Monika , Bray. Co. Wicklow

  523. irene

    I love your yogurt I can never find enough of them in Dunne Store. I also love the fact you use the glass container instead of horrible plasic. I feel more and more enviromentally friendly because of that.

    irene , clonsilla Dublin

  524. Kate

    tried your natural yoghurt with fruit (in the glass jars) recently and love them. The fruit is delicious and the yoghurt really tasty and my 2yo son loves them too. A really quality product.

    Kate , Dublin

  525. Martin Flynn

    Was at your facility last Saturday with Macra. Very impressed. What you had to say shows the way forward, in my view. Thank you for your courtesy

    Martin Flynn , Co. Carlow

  526. Bobington Penridge

    I was lucky enough to taste your heavenly products a short while ago while visiting my very eccentric aunt in Drimoleague. How we both enjoyed the scrummy yummy, mouth watering fabulous-ness of your delectable, devious and darn right delightful cheese cake. I now know what angels eat. I still think about eating a piece most days. The best cheese cake in the world. FACT

    Bobington Penridge , Edinburgh

  527. shannon

    just visited you site. I live in the usa and have never seen your products in the store but I sooooo want to try them!

    shannon , usa

  528. Ger

    I bought one of your Glenilen Raspberry Probiotic yoghurts today and had to leave a comment on here as it was soooooo good. I’ve never tasted anything quite like it and look forward to tasting the rest of the range.

    Best of luck!!!

    Ger , Cork

  529. Alison

    I was delighted to find a yoghurt that contains just that! These days, there are so many additives and hidden ingredients that it is worth seeking out natural products such as yours. I look forward to more flavours.

    Alison , Dublin

  530. Terence Cloughley

    Ona recent visit to Solis Lough Eske we tasted your absolutely delicious yogarts. Is there anywhere in the vicinity we could purchase them from? I cannot now imagine life without them!!!

    Terence Cloughley , Portrush, Co.Antrim

  531. Chizuko

    I had Lemon Cheese cake. Taste is so natural and very good! I will try hand made butter next time. I love your product so much. Thanks for the nicest milk product from West Cork!

    Chizuko , Dublin

  532. Sally

    We’ve just finished eating one of your delicious lemon cheesecakes and had no idea you are in Drimoleague. It’s fantastic to have such wonderful local produce available. Keep making those delicious desserts!

    Sally , West Cork

  533. Roisin

    Just polished off your summer fruits cheesecake with my aussy in-laws – we all thought it was fantastic, and delighted its a local winner! Well done, and good luck with the future.

    Roisin , Kinsale

  534. Toya

    No fair!!! You’re not in Canada. I just looked at your site and wanted to try your products. Maybe if my old art teacher passes your way I can get him to bring some back. =D

    Toya , Toronto, ON, Canada

  535. isabel

    I bought your cheescake last august during my holidays in Galway. I had never ever heard of it, but it was so marvellous that even brought the pack to Spain with me just no to forget it. I promise I will taste it next time I see it. Thank you and congratulation.

    isabel , Bilbao, Spain

  536. Ben

    i wish German Farmers would produce such Products … mhm … first thing i would buy if i visit UK the next time …

    Ben , Germany

  537. Lorraine Dion

    Love your yogourt. Strawberry Natural probiotic yoghurt. I ususally do not eat yogourt but this one is really special. Thank you.

    Lorraine Dion , Castleconnel

  538. Rajat Chodhary

    Hi! Mr Alan & valerie kingston.
    My name is Rajat Chodhary from India.
    Sir, my eyes enjoyed tasting your lemon cheese cake and summer fruit cake.
    I really want to taste them in real. May be one day – if i got a chance to be there, i will love to have pleasure of it.
    Really, it make feel like a little child for an cup-cake.
    Thanks to make me belief that there used to be a child somewhere in a big-boy.

    Rajat Chodhary , Muzaffarnagar [Uttarpradesh, India]

  539. Barbara Lucey

    Never heard of you until last week and NOW…. please can you tell me my nearest stockist ! You produce the most delicious yogurt I have had in this country (and I really am a yogurt lover)
    Wonderful yogurt. Well done. Barbara.

    Barbara Lucey , Kanturk, Co. Cork.

  540. Cathy Reddy

    I recently discovered your cheesecake in our local tesco shop. I just want to say it is so delicious. I have never tasted cheesecake like this before. It is the lemon one . Next week I will try the strawberry one. Thank you . I found your website interesting. Keep up the good work!

    Cathy Reddy , Dublin


    Just a note to say I picked up one of your Irish cream liquer cheesecake in Tesco, Claremorris, Co. Mayo. – and it tasted absolutely superb. Great to see the product on the shelves in the west.


  542. Breege

    I recently purchased one of your strawberry cheesecakes and was very impressed with the quality, taste and texture. I do all my own baking and this is the first time that I have bought a cheesecake, and would buy again should the need arise.

    Breege , Westport

  543. Andrea

    Tried your clotted cream with apple crumble at the weekend – delicious! Btw, your new website looks really good.

    Andrea , Dublin

  544. Rupert Shafe

    They taste as good as they look and those cute little glass jars make brilliant paint pots for the kids!

    Rupert Shafe , Dublin

  545. Timothy Gills

    My son and I just returned from Dublin, where they served your probiotic yogurt for breakfast at The Merrion Hotel. We loved it. Any chance we can find it somewhere in the US?

    Timothy Gills , US

  546. Hugh O'Neil

    I am just writing to tell you
    how excellent your butter is.
    It is a pleasure to taste authentic creamy butter.I will look out for other products bearing your name.

    Hugh O’Neil , Limerick

  547. Aoife McNamara

    I am lucky enough to live near McCamberidges on shop street Galway as I can purchase your delicious Rasberry & Natural yougurts.. They are so delicious & such high quality. I love them and will continue to buy them!!

    Aoife McNamara , Galway

  548. Deborah

    Just wanted to let you know how fantastic we all thought your raspberry mousse and lemon cheesecakes were. Absolutely fantastic I have just discovered your range in Dunnes and Tesco and am now a firm fan. Well done and keep up the good work!

    Deborah , Kildare

  549. Haley

    I just had your yoghurt for the first time and I’ve got to tell you that it’s the best I’ve ever had! I love the little glass milk canister container and I can’t wait to bring it home and reuse it! :D

    Haley , Presently: Dublin — From: Charleston, South Carolina, USA

  550. Amandine

    I just want to let you know I have fallen in love with your “Strawberry cheesecake”
    Everything is perfect:product, packaging…
    Thank you very much

    Amandine ,  

  551. sinead ward

    Am hooked on your little glass pot yoghurts- rhubard and strawberry. I instantly feel good after them. Delicious. I don’t buy any other yoghurts if I can buy yours. Please get distributing as widely as you can!!

    sinead ward , leitrim/galway

  552. gypsy

    I am visiting Ireland, and picked up some of your yogurt in the grocery store. Fantastic!! I don’t know what yogurt companies in the US are doing, but I’ve never tasted such deliciousness – I’m sorely disappointed the same product can’t be picked up where I am from. I especially love that it is natural and sugar free. Great job, thanks for the treat!

    gypsy , visting Tower, Blarney

  553. Amanda

    Thanks for stocking the fromage frais here in D’mway, I’ve always preferred it without added ‘all kinds’, it’s usually too sweet, so together with your natural yogurt, you’ve got yourself another ewgular client, ps love the butter too when I can find it

    Amanda , Dunmanway

  554. Alice

    I just tried your rhubarb yogurt for the first time and it is honestly the best I have ever tasted….delicious!

    Alice , Dublin

  555. Nuala

    Summer fruit cheesecake is a luxurious treat without the luxury price :)
    Kids love the crushed raspberries in yoghurt tho rob the raspberry layer and I’m left with only the yoghurt ;(

    Nuala , Waterford

  556. alex meijer

    I think your lemon cheesecake is delicious. Daddy bought it for me and now Mummy has it on her weekly shopping list. I think it is so good because you look after your cows.

    Age 8

    alex meijer ,

  557. Susan

    First time of trying your yoghurt and I find it as good as my home made.
    Is the fruit sorced locally? if so I would like to read that on the label?
    thank you for making this product

    Susan , Sligo

  558. Jenny

    As a avid fan for many years, I love your new natural yogurt range. Glenilen is the nicest ever. Its amazing, one night my Mum, Dad and I sat down with three spoons and devoured a large pot of mouse. It was so funny to see my 75 year old Dad fighting for the last spoon. Thanks for this truly remarkable range. Keep up the good work

    Jenny , Clonakilty

  559. Carol Wood

    We have just demolished a delicious lemon cheesecake from your farm.
    It was great, a real change from the synthetic ones that we do not care
    to try again…!!

    Carol Wood ,

  560. ashley macdermott

    I just wanted to tell you how delicious your cheesecake is. I bought a small one from Myles Doyle in Dunlavin on Saturday and I ended up fighting over it with my husband, who NEVER eats pudding.

    He has just come back from Dunlavin with two more!

    Well done and thank you!

    ashley macdermott ,

  561. Tonya Rosenquist

    I have a friend from Ireland and he showed me this site. Your products look amazing. I wish I could order them. If there is a way to order it here. Let me know.

    Tonya Rosenquist , Sioux Falls, South Dakota, USA

  562. keith

    im a chef for 18 years now and last weekend i tasted the niecest cheesecake ever ,came across the strawberry cheesecake in tesco and been lazy as it was my weekend off we purchased it ,fantastic taste and texture ,thank you alan so much

    keith , athlone

  563. fion

    Myself and my husband just stayed in Cliff House Hotel, Co. Waterford where we were served your delicious natural yogurt for breakfast so i had to log on and try and source a local supplier. Delighted to see list of your other products. Keep up the excellent work.

    fion , dublin

  564. ann devitt

    Just to let you know that I feel the jogurt jars are the nicest yogurt I have ever tasted. The fresh taste and the lack of artificial ingredients is so refreshing, Good luck with the business.

    ann devitt ,

  565. Sarah

    Loved your raspberry natural yogurt. Wish there was something like it in the US. Definitely will enjoy some more when I return to Ireland!

    Sarah , Kansas City, MO, USA

  566. Alex Sheehan

    I really enjoyed your cheesecakes!
    Truly smashing..!!!:L:L…..mouthwatering…breath taking..utterly devine

    Alex Sheehan , St.Marys Mallow




  568. david nolan

    Dear Alan and Valerie and family,

    We were staying at the Parknasilla hotel this summer and the whole family had your natural yoghurt every morning.

    We looked for your products until finial spotting them in Dunnes at Beacon Court.

    Thanks for the apple which is my favourite.

    Best of luck,

    david nolan

    david nolan , Dublin 12

  569. niall

    hello there, just a quick note to let youknow that ive always been a keen admirer of your rasberry mouse, but during the week i bought a strawberry cheesecake and it was incredible. im just after finishing it there now and the flavour was just amazing. it really was.
    Thank you very much. and keep up the good work.

    niall , dublin

  570. Edna Starrett

    Hello, We are your “cousins from the North”, as Sam calls us! CONGRATULATIONS on your great successes. We recently tasted one of your cheesecakes in Cork at Patricia & James’ home. I have been dreaming about another piece ever since! Please soon start selling your products in the North!

    Edna Starrett , ARMAGH

  571. Frances Boyle

    Found your yoghurts in Cashel. Beautiful. Would be wonderful if you did a recipe section on your site using some of your products. Congratulations and continued success.

    Frances Boyle , Killenaule, Co Tipp

  572. shiovan ni luasa

    Hi Valerie,

    I have been meaning to write to you for ages to congratulate you & your family on your wonderfuly succuss story. Its wonderful to read that your products are going from strength to strength.
    We often buy them and we enjoy them so much. They taste so natural and delicious.
    We had friends over the other day and we had your cheesecake for desert, we all loved it and my claim to fame was that I lived with her in our mitchelstown days and I saw the passion you had for dairy!

    Congratulations again and continued success.
    Best wishes

    shiovan ni luasa , Ballyvourney

  573. collette fraser

    hi im 11 years old and i just have to say your stuff is out of this world .so yum

    collette fraser , dunmanway co cork

  574. Sara

    Your probiotic yoghurt with fruit compote is what it can call a Yoghurt, with capital Y!! no artificial flavour :-) can we come to your farm to visit you?

    Sara , Dublin

  575. Helmut Langer

    Returning to Ireland next week I am looking forward to enjoy your butter and double cream at Ballymaloe and will buy some Quark to take home to Cologne! The best Quark.

    Helmut Langer , Cologne/Germany

  576. Douglas Harper

    Tasted some of your wonderful products at the Methodist Church family weekend at Ovaca Manor am wondering if they are available in this area

    Douglas Harper , Kilkenny

  577. Suzanne

    I tried your probiotic yoghurt with fruit compote for the first time last week, in Listen’s, on Camden st, and… WOW. I grew up in the French countryside and I’ve never tasted better. I’m officially an addict. Please ask Liston’s to order more as they are always out of stock!

    Suzanne , Dublin

  578. Robert Davies

    Last week My wife and I visited Galway for the oyster festival and brought three packs of your butter from Mc cambridges to take home and all the family say its the best ever, A great poduct well done do you do a postal service to the UK?

    Robert Davies , Aberporth Dyfed

  579. sarah Thorne

    I visited my friend Irene Patterson in Bantry this week, she recomended i try your summer fruits cheescake. OH WOW!!! I have never tasted anything as good, please please start selling in Wales. I cant wait to stay with Irene and her family again for the cheesecake. Tahnk you.

    sarah Thorne , Wales, UK

  580. Gill Wright

    Visited Bantry recently, your Summer Fruits cheesecake was the best bought chesecake we have ever tasted. Please expand more and get them across to England, I can guarantee they would go so well because nobody else here makes anything like it!. Well done.

    Gill Wright , Nottingham England

  581. Ruth

    WE were on holidays in Allihies West Cork.I discovered your delicious summer fruit cheesecake.The quality was superb.I will now look out for you products. Sorry to hear Superquin are not stocking them.

    Ruth , Blanchardstown

  582. Kathleen

    Fabulous, fabulous tasting natural yougart with crushed raspberries. I am addicted to them . Sadly i can only get them at Ardkeen Superstore in Waterford and I live in New Ross, Co. Wexford. However for the time being i am driving the thirty mile round trip once a week just for these yougarts. They are fab

    Kathleen , New Ross, Co. Wexford

  583. LillySmuul

    Your rasberry mousse is best dessert I found in Ireland ,Just enjoying the summerfruits Cheesecake…absolutely fabulous!
    Have to go for more..;)

    LillySmuul , Kenmare

  584. M O'Connor

    I like your yogurt and blueberry sundae so much that I’m going to spread the word to my friends, as cheesy as that sounds.

    M O’Connor , Killorglin, Co, Kerry

  585. Bo Gort

    your raspberry mousse is fantastic!! after having checked out the availability of your products on your site I’m glad to find I don’t necessarily have to go to the airport to buy it. thank you very much

    Bo Gort , Dublin

  586. heather lenharth

    PLEASE!!!!!!!!!! Try to stock your clotted cream locally to me, I love it!

    heather lenharth , Killaloe Co.Clare

  587. Isabelle

    I have had the chance to taste your delicious summer fruit cheesecake; unfortunately, it was at the airport on my way back to France.
    I wish I could find such delights home !

    Isabelle , France

  588. Dolan Family

    We discovered your clotted cream last week in Super Valu, Ashbourne. Have now had your natural yoghurt, and coffee cheesecake. What can we say, except keep them coming.

    Dolan Family , Ashbourne Co Meath

  589. karen curley

    Hello,I have just tried your lemon cheesecake from smiths supervalu johnstown navan “ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS”
    looking forward to tasting more of your products

    karen curley , johnstown navan co.meath

  590. Ann Mooney

    I was delighted to find your products in my local Supervalu in Churchtown and want to compliment you on the quality and taste. I have tried the clotted cream, double cream and lemon cheescake and they are all delicious.

    Ann Mooney , Churchtown, Dublin

  591. Mark Griffin

    I am a Dubliner where I have purchased Glenilen Farm products at Tom’s in Foxrock village for many years. This morning I purchased two wild blueberry yoghurt sundaes. My wife and I enjoyed Glenilen Food so much that it was about time to congratulate and offer deserved recognition to all persons involved in the constant development and manufacture of Glenilen Farm products. Company’s that produce Superior Retail Dairy products deserve honest consumer feedback. It gives me pleasure to say that this product is a standard bearer for the quality products that are being produced by rural micro industries. It truly is “GOOD FOOD”. Well done and keep up the good work.

    Mark Griffin , Dublin

  592. Aoife

    Orignally from WCork I am currently living in London and I have to say I am missing your cheesecakes like mad!! Looking forward to going home to top up!

    Aoife , London

  593. John Heueston

    We recently started buying your cheese cakes. We love them, the taste is terrific, the best cheese cakes we have ever bought. Keep up the good work. The butter reminds me of my childhood on a farm where I had to do my turn on rotating the churn.

    John Heueston ,

  594. Vincent Chamard

    We are a French family of 4 returning from a week holiday in Killarney Co Kerry.
    Preparing our holiday I had come across your website & had selected your products as potential gourmet discoveries during our week.
    We had the luck that our local Supervalue store in Killarney sold most of your products which tasted even better than anything we had allready tried in France. We tried the yogurts with compote, the fruit mousse, the cheesecake & the probiotic yoghurts : they are all fantastic.
    The crème de la crème beeing the clotted cream.
    You are doing a great job.
    Good luck for the future

    Vincent Chamard , France

  595. Siobhán

    Your probiotic natural yoghurt and cheese cakes are truly amazing. Well done. Have bought your produce in Thyme Out in Dalkey – keep them coming please.

    Siobhán , Co Dublin

  596. MARIE



  597. Michele Hastings

    Hi There!Just wanted to say i looooove your fruit compotes,I buy them in bulk when Im down home in Cork(Im originally from Cobh)I had been getting them in Dunnes Douglas but I was soo delighted on Tuesday to find them in Super Valu Cobh!! Just love the Plum one,so delicious! Great work and keep it up hope to see your products up here in Limerick soon, Ive been mad plugging your products to everyone I know! well Done!

    Michele Hastings , O Briens Bridge Co.Limerick

  598. carmel

    I must drop you a line to tell you that I have DISCOVERED your fabulous
    products in Dungarvan.!!!
    About two weeks ago, I saw and bought some of your products in Garveys Super
    Value and have since then become addicted to every one of them. I was in
    there on Tues and noticed that stocks were running very low, so I had to top
    up my own supply in case I never saw them there again! Today, I was like a
    child , with the excitement of seeing Mr. Beamish fill the shelves again
    with all the products. Well done on such a wonderful product, I have never
    tasted anything so good.
    Keep them coming here to dungarvan!!!

    carmel , dungarven

  599. O'Carroll Family

    We just wanted to let you know HOW MUCH we ENJOYED your cheesecakes at our family birthday celebration! YUM! So kindly priced, we enjoyed TWO! :)

    O’Carroll Family , West Cork

  600. Ursula

    Enjoyed your Raspberry Mousse at the week-end. The best I’ve ever tasted. Any chance of the recepie??

    Ursula , Kildare

  601. Lisa

    Tasted for the first time your sublime and scrumptious summer fruits cheesecake!
    It was dreamy, many thnaks and continued success and good luck to you both.

    Lisa , Dublin

  602. Molly Rock

    Thanks to Rachel Allen in the Irish Times I have discovered your wonderful products. Have now tried most of your products and they are just delicious. Best wishes.

    Molly Rock , Dublin

  603. Barbara Douglas

    Hi Alan & Valerie. I picked up your Raspberry Mousse for the first time today in Dunnes, Cornelscourt. I just had to write and say congratulations on such a delicious dessert. I will be making a bee line to try some of your other products next time I am shopping. Congratulations on your recent award and wishing you continued success.

    Barbara Douglas , Cabinteely, Dublin 18

  604. Barbara Kelly

    Was visiting my Aunt in Skibbereen a few
    weeks ago, spotted your products in Fields Supervalu. Your cheesecakes are gorgeous and the Probiotic Natural Yoghurt is absolutely wonderful, beautiful texture. Got your list of suppliers in the Dublin area, any chance of supplying to anywhere in the Blanchardstown area, or anywhere in Meath? Continued success to you.

    Barbara Kelly , Navan, Co Meath

  605. James

    We’ve been eating your Yoghurt with fruit for the last few months and I have to say – it is a quality product, lovely flavours with the plum being the family favourite – thanks

    James , Clontarf

  606. Mat Korner

    We spent our summer vacation at Horse Island and our service staff bought your products in Schull. We were impressed about the quality. Great ! Later we were one week at Hayfield Manor Hotel in Cork and they served French youghurt in the morning – We let them know to check your range – your products are unbeatable !!!

    Mat Korner , Munich

  607. paul o sullivan

    am a native of bantry , was home for easter spotted your cheesecakes in biggs supermarket and could not get enough of them.Have bought some of your smaller cheesecakes from selfridges in the trafford centre in manchester,quickly disappeared from my fridge.a great local product,i will have to watch my waistline again!

    paul o sullivan , blackpool(lancashire)

  608. admin

    So happy to find the website, you guys are adorable and the yoghurt is the best we’ve every had. You’ll be pleased to know that conversations are started when grabbing your products off the shelves in Waitrose (Islington). Not an easy feat in London! Would love to try the other products such as cheesecake and panna cotta. Please tell Waitrose to supply these. The yoghurts have now been added to both of our weekly shopping lists and looking forward to adding the others as well as soon as they are supplied.

    Stephanie , London, UK


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